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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Testing, 1 2 3...

For the past two days, I have been taking photos for the blog with my iPad.  Not necessarily a fun thing to do.  My Canon ELPH 115 just plain stopped working.  We poked and prodded it until blue in the face then decided to go find a new one.

Tradition says to always take a photo of my cats first... This time it was only one.  Kota thought I was a bit mad for chasing him around and trying to get him to pose.  This was the best I could do... Is that a sneer that he has on his face?

Anyway, after the cat photo, I decided to try my new ELPH 160 on some minis. 

I am pretty impressed.  Keep in mind that I took ALL of these photos without having to change any settings.  I just walked around and snapped.

First, Daisy's Cottage.  As I did it, she came out of the observatory and yelled at me to finish the kitchen... I don't know why.  She doesn't cook and she can eat, any time and any place in the world that she wants to.

I sat down on the bed to look at the instruction book and whilst there, I shot this one.

It automatically adjusts from close up mode to far away, all by itself!
Zar and Tessie came out to see what I was doing and demanded that I take their photo on the porch of the Nine Dollar Dollhouse. 

No.  Neither of them live there, but they think that any building is fair game, when it comes to photos.
Then I simply stood back a ways and did it again!

The only button that I touched was the one to snap the photo.
Next, I took a very close up of some doilies.  The little ones are about a half inch across and the big one is about two inches!

These were on a pretty dark shelf.  I still didn't touch a button besides the one that snapped the photo!
Then I made a horrible mistake!  I turned around to take a photo of the work room... This was the cleanest corner I could see... Oops! Please don't tell anyone that I cropped the floor out on purpose.

Oh well... At least it's a good picture.  Very clear.  Unfortunately...

Maybe I should do some straightening and see if the photo comes out any better...

See you tomorrow.

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