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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Still Snapping

I am still wandering around the house snapping pictures of various and sundry things.

This is the inset of a little smoking table that I made out of poly clay since nobody in the immediate area is a smoker.  Just something fun to fill an empty hole.

This cat is one that I bought at my first NAME national in Anaheim in the early eighties.  He is so good that he was once mistaken for a real cat!

On our way home from that show, we stopped at a small café out in the middle of nowhere for lunch.  I had the cat sitting on the table for our own enjoyment. He even has green glass eyes.

The waitress came along and got down at eye level with the cat and asked...Get ready for this one!... "Is that a real cat?" Sadly, I had to admit that it wasn't.

Tessie had to get in on the photo shoot...  She decided to finish the apple pie that someone started in the Early American Kitchen.. Zar Is in his Antique Radio study.  I looked in, but decided that it needed too much cleaning to make a good photo.
This is the Archeologist's office in  one of those Pic' n' Save boxes. It's a place to keep all of my Egyptian Minis.
Last but not least, George and his cacti garden. 
Yes the plants in the foreground are the same ones that I have been showing you for about the last year.  Mother of Millions that I water, once in a while, when I am in the mood... Not very often.  They seem very happy. In fact, these are all the original plants.  None have grown very much...

OK.  Enough picture taking.  I am going to have to go back to actually doing minis now.

See you tomorrow.

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