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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Not Done Yet...

It was tolerable outside this morning.  It won't be for long.

I decided to play with the outdoor area, while it was still cool.

I found the two tall baskets to the right at Goodwill this morning.  Also the tray basket on the left at another Goodwill.

I had the fabric.  I was just wondering how it would look if I made a slipcover for the chair.  Not too bad.

I found a Croton at Walmart.  I had a couple of these last year.  Unfortunately they are an annual. But that means that they grow fast.  Besides, I like all of the wild colors on them.
I am thinking of moving this tall euphorbia out there.  It always sticks out like a sore thumb on the back porch... Maybe it will be happy out there...Not really sure if it can take the sun, but we shall see...

Now that it is getting hot outside, I am forced to come inside and work on minis... Back to the landscaping...

Tomorrow you will get minis!  See you then.

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