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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Oops! Almost Missed a Day!

I had the Wednesday Witches' meeting here today... Instead of doing minis, I was busy getting ready. 

I got the hair brained idea that I needed to switch some of the minis to different sites. 

I left the tree house where it was.  I did trial fit the roof.  I think that it is going to be just fine when finished.
 I moved Spike's Crypt into the bedroom.  It is one of my favorites and I am tired of having to go out to the front hall to see it. 

It is now living on top of my jewelry/needlework chest.  That's where it started out and I enjoy having where I can see it by just turning my head.
After buying  the juicer, the kitchen counter was getting a bit crowded.  I moved that Rusty Needle quilt shop to the front hall.  Now I have more counter space to work with for the juicer.... besides, the quilt shop just plain looks better on this table, than on the counter.
The only other thing I moved was the Elizabethan room box.  It was actually the reason for moving everything else.

It was sitting on the floor, by Zar's Tudor Trailer.

It lost it's home at the top of the cat tree around Christmas time last year.  Now I can also see it with a single glance... It distracts from the ugly VCR, and other TV watching machines.

Anyway, by the time I was finished moving everything, it was time to get ready for the mini meeting... About five o'clock, Walter asked me, "Did you do your blog today?"  That's where the Oops come in.  Thank goodness he said it before twelve midnight! 

I can still say, "See you tomorrow!"


Deni said...

Goodness I dont know how you can blog everyday!!!
Your amazing, just love all your minis! Im onto a few things again after having a break its such FUN!!!!
thanks for all your wonderful ideas as well love that tree room how do you think up all these unusual rooms its just fabulous!
I'm just beginning to make some of those pegs you made for my 1950's Laundry box the first part is on my blog!

Cara said...

Kudos to Walter on the save! If you had missed I think we all would've gone into full panic mode after all these years. We'd wonder if you'd fallen down a well or something lol