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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nominated For...

Ugliest roof in the universe...  And it won!!!

I'm working on the HBS kit roof today.  I am doing a lot of running around in circles...

I wanted to frame out the skylight... Then I remembered that, once on the building, the roof will curve from front to back. 

That's what all of the groves across the roof are for. 

Therefore, wood won't work, unless I want to do a lot of curved cutting... I don't want to!

I am going to cover the roof with greenery anyway, so it really doesn't need a frame on the outside.

I went and dug through my rolls of tape and found some of the aluminum insulating tape.  Hey!  It's not pretty, but it bends!
And anyway, it will be painted.

I wanted a mottled green...I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams...

Would you believe that that is a combination of an old and new bottle of Ceramcoat black green?

What is scary is, the new bottle didn't have nearly as much pigment as the old one.  It was more a forest green color.  Less pigment means less cost for them...

Anyway, it is just a good thing that the roof will be covered with greenery.  Otherwise I would have to start over. No starting over today... It is going to be a cover up!

Sorry for the boring entry.  Tomorrow we will get back to the fun stuff.

See you then.

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