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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Having Babies...

No.  Not Tessie.  She is just here to show you a preview of the front steps...

Yes, I know that there is a hole next to the second step... It is there for a purpose...

The steps won't look like this when I finish... Just wait.
My other project for the morning was the babies. 

The cacti and succulents have been fooling around and are full of little, soon to be, baby cacti and succulents. 

Each of the little balls on this prickly pear are potential new plants.  I am going to have to stick at least a few in mini pots and put them in different mini rooms.
This is what happens when you prop a leaf up in the pot with the stem end in the dirt.  I will have to cut the leaf off and plant this one soon.

I don't think that this one will be suitable for mini planting for more than a week or two...

The momma plant is gigantic with two to three inch long leaves.
Color me happy!  My tomatoes are taking off this year.  I already have several yellow tomatoes that will be ripe in a few days... There is nothing better than a fresh tomato picked and eaten right off of the plant.

Meanwhile, I am going to go do some more to the Forest Fantasy Cottage.  I have trees to build!

See you tomorrow.

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elizabeth s said...

Your tomatoes will be so tasty Casey! I have had the pleasure of picking fresh tomatoes off of Janine's tomato plant during a visit last summer and there is nothing like it at the grocery store.