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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tessie's Garden...

I have been doing other things today, besides miniatures. 

Namely, re potting plants.  Tessie tags along when I do this, to see what she can use in her homes.

We still haven't figured out how to preserve these bright green euphorbia flowers.

They would make great bouquets if we could.
There is the usual bountiful harvest of Nandina or heavenly bamboo...

Trees and small plants, here we come!
Tessie insisted on this photo.  Even if it is just because she says that the geraniums compliment her hair... No minis here.
 When she saw how this Mother of Millions is growing, she started pestering me to make him a "Little Shop of Horrors"... Is that a grin on his face? He's a bit scary...
Lastly, I thought you would like an update on the babies from the Mother of Millions plant.

These are the same little plants that I put in the foreground of George's desert garden almost a year ago.  I water them about once a month and just a little.  They are perfectly healthy.  They just don't grow a lot.

The two little green bean shaped pieces in the foreground are another plant that I am hoping will sprout... Not yet.

This year, I am going to try some in a couple of the dollhouses.  I don't know if they will get enough light.  And I will have to remember to water them the same time that I water George's garden.

I also want to see how the rat tail cacti, like the one to the left of George, next to Tessie would fare in Eskiaga's southwestern room box.  I had a very small prickly pear cactus growing in there for a year or so, but I kept forgetting to water it.  Maybe I can set an alarm of something this time.  We shall see...

And I shall see you tomorrow.

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Sarah Sequins said...

I agree with Tessie that you need to do a Little Shop of Horrors plant. I love that musical, especially the version with Rick Moranis.

I have a series of creepy beaded plants with googly eyes, and every time I walk by, they say "bead me, Seymour!" They're a nice creepy touch to the bookshelf. ;)