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Monday, March 2, 2015

Movie Monday...

We are required to go see the new Will Smith movie this morning.  Sure, I want to see it, but the main reason is... I need more theater trays...

I have to cover the whole outside of the library and more around the bottom edge of the platform...

I cut a piece of illustration board the size and shape of the bottom.  This is to reinforce all of the joins that I made in the bottom.
 I then glued it to the bottom and glued the side walls in place...

Yes.  That is a brand new jar of mayo... It was the heaviest thing that I could find that would fit in that corner to hold the wall in place.

Hey!  Whatever works!  That's my motto...

I am going to have to do a bit more trimming on the illustration board before I start putting on the stones.  That should take all of a minute and a half. 

After the stone work, I am going to do the interior.  I am not going to put on the roof until that is done.

These are some of the candidates for draperies and cushions.
I walked out of the room for a second to find a pair of scissors. 

I do believe that they put catnip in those trays.

Every time Kota gets a chance he squeezes himself into the larger section of the tray.

I doubt if he will leave, unless forced to do so.
Tessie told him the news about the library being made to match him... He was not impressed. 

You see, he can't possibly fit into that space to sleep, so it doesn't matter the colors.

At least he didn't bite her head off.

They seem to get along well.  They have the same temperament.  Both ignore what is happening in the rest of the world.  All that matters is their immediate space.  Comfort and food. That's all they really need.

I am going back now and try to reason with the cat and the witch about moving somewhere else, so that I can use the tray for the observatory/library. Wish me luck... I am going to need it.  If the two of them join forces, I may never get that particular tray back.  Thank goodness there is an unlimited supply at the theater...

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey: Aren't cats amusing?
Of course that's exactly why we keep them around.
I like your choice of fabrics,
especially the house print.
If you would like a large stack of
paper egg cartons, just say so.
I'm cutting back and they may have to go in the recycle bin. They would be mailed from WA so the postage shouldn't cost me much.They are yours for the asking.

Mieke Miniatuur said...

What a good reason to go see a movie, to bad that they don't have those trays in the Netherlands... Can't wait to see the work in progress.

elizabeth s said...

What a Terrific photo of the cat in the serving tray!!! :D
This is what makes owning cats such an adventure, they have a mind of their own that claims whatever space that happens to take their fancy. ( I remember that your Widget did the same thing too.) I would not have imagined that a lumpy tray would have been my bed of choice,... but then,... I'm not a cat.
Your project is really coming along well Casey. And isn't mayonnaise Great!

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, thanks, but I have a whole bunch of egg cartons that I haven't used. They seem to be getting thinner. The trays are so much stronger and better textured that I have switched to them for almost everything.the only reason that I am saving the ones that I have is for half scale.

Lisains said...

also you can get the trays at fast food restaurants -:)

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The project is really coming along. good luck getting back that tray!
big hug,