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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Multi-Tasking Can Be Fun....

OK... Yesterday, I decided that I want to work in the bedroom once more.  It is just more fun when there are Korean Dramas to watch...

So... First of all, I cleaned out my tool bag.  I discovered that half of my most used tools are on a walkabout.  I am going to have to go round them up and put them back in their proper places.

This morning, I cleaned out the two paint drawers in the work table.  I found all kinds of interesting things.  I figured out that a couple of colors that I don't really like are over 20 years old.  I moved them from our other house!  Ceramcoat is good stuff.  Most was still usable!

As soon as I find the tools, I will be ready to roll.

I did mark off the boards for the other bookcase in the library.  I still need to figure out the plan for the window seat...

Here's the work area now.  I use the term loosely. 

Somehow, as soon as I put sliders on the bottom of the table legs and slid it back into place... I sat the frame of the HBS Forest Fantasy on top and the Terrible Two moved in...

Mind you, there is no floor and only one full wall, but it is convenient for watching TV. 

It's just a good thing that we are going to a movie this morning.  I need more stone!  And it will give them a chance to decide that that isn't such a good place to be.  The walls could fall in on them at any minute!

Back to work after the movie.

See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
good job. Now you're ready to attack your projects...I'll hope everything stays nice and never happened to me, but I hope it will for you ;)
Big hug,