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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Not Enough Time in a Day!!!

 I am sure that some of you have already found this version of E-6000.  I found it at Walmart yesterday and decided to try it.  I would love some opinions from those of you that tried it.  What did you think?

I will probably use some of it when I finish the telescope... I hope that it's as strong as they claim!
 When I got home from shopping this morning, the bed looked like this. 

The Terrible Two explained that they were checking to see that everything was in the box, that was supposed to be there... It was... Now I get to put everything back in the box... I think that they thought that, if everything was out of the box, I would have to put it together...

Wrong-o!  I still haven't put the beads back in the bag that they came in.  It is tempting to start a new bracelet or two...

Yes.  That is the telescope and yes, it is still in the same state that it was when you last saw it... But now I have to put everything away before I can start on it again.  Two steps forward... Three steps backwards...  That's how my days seem to be going this week...

I am putting my foot down.  Tomorrow is the start of a new work week... I am going to be working!!! I promise!

Back to clean up duty.

See you tomorrow. 


Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I agree with your thought. There are not enough hours in the day for everything related to this hobby. Keep in touch

rosanna said...

One step forward, two steps backwards... can seem bad but you can also call it cha cha cha ;o))
Have a great day, Rosanna