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Saturday, February 14, 2015

And Away She Goes!!!

 I went to Walmart this morning.  I found some E-6000 Jeweler's Glue.  I will let you know if it works.  It has a couple of extra twist on points that are finer than the usual tips.

After Walmart, I hit Goodwill... I realized something.  I was looking at the book section.  I picked out these three country decorating books and paid less for them than I would for one magazine from the rack at any store in town.

These are nice books and I paid 1.99 each for.  They totaled around 60.00 new!  Don't tell Goodwill.  They will up the price and I will stop buying.

There was a Better Homes and Gardens, cutesy country one that they wanted 4.99 for.  I passed that one up.  No frills and ruffles for me.  I like the real country. Plain and simple.

Anyway, I got back just in time to grab the camera and take these photos. Daisy left for Tombstone just as I started snapping!

Sorry Phyllisa, the formal introduction will have to wait. 
She shouted through the door, "I had to leave the motorcycle behind.  I couldn't cram it in here.  Tell Zar that I am borrowing his Steam powered pogo stick!"

With that, and flashing lights and clouds of smoke, she was gone.

I am not sure when she will get back.  Wyatt and Bat are waiting...

A little while later, I went back to see if she had changed her mind...

Zar was not happy.  His favorite pogo stick is missing...

I quickly suggested that he should stand elsewhere when on the landing platform.  If Daisy does decide to return, it might get messy if he is standing in the middle like that!

Daisy did express an interest in having a summer home on Martha's Vineyard. 

I don't think that is an option.  I still have to finish this house for her and she hasn't even moved in yet. 

She was staying with Tessie in the townhouse.  That leads to staying up all night and having pajama parties.  It gets a bit noisy. 
I must finish Daisy's cottage!  Soon!

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Now Casey, how could you have let Daisy leave without even introducing her to us?

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, Daisy's like the terminator... She'll be back!LOL

Marisa said...

that Daisy is a rolling stone (sorry I couldnt resist quoting gladys knight and the pips)

I love going to the Goodwill too I think I need to stop I have too many dolls now


Smaller Places said...

Oooh, I definitely need to hear about glue. One of my Why Crafters Can't Be Minimalists points is that there's always another glue you need, one that will do a specific job better.

Have you encountered "modern country"? It's rustic but a bit more industrial, no ruffles at all. In the right house, I'd consider doing it myself.