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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Late Casey Rice...

I'll bet you thought I was lost.  Nope.  But the big computer was.  Walter has been working all day to clear up a glitch... That should read virus danger.

 I am attempting to do this on the laptop.  Every time I use it, I remember why I dislike it for blogging.

YAY!  Walter just told me that the regular computer is fixed...I am now back where I belong and will have this done painlessly...

While Walter was trying to clear things up, I got a lot done on the drawers.

I have decided to kind of Steampunk the whole workroom...  That's what happens when I get bored.  Harebrained schemes come into play.

I collect rust...No.  I don't mean that I am rusting... I like rusty things, but never can decide what to do with them.

Now I will have a place to put some of them.

This it the top of an old Baker's Chocolate tin from the turn of the last century.  I found it in a bunch of stuff strewn over the ground, below a very nice hotel that we stayed in, in Flagstaff one time.  I doubt if they knew that there was stuff like this in back of the hotel.  It was when April was little and liked to go on treasure hunts. 
It is pretty hard to see, but the tin has Walter Baker printed at the top.  Walter for Walter's side of the family and Baker for my side.  My mom was a Baker before she got married.

Anyway, it is going on one of the drawer fronts. I had to hold it on with painter's tape until the silicone dried.  Handy tip.  If you have something with a hollow back that you want to hang somewhere, or glue to something else. Clear silicone bathtub caulk will do the trick.

As you can see, it is now hanging onto the front of the drawer, nicely.

I have 11 of the drawers done now.  I think that the outer cases are going to have to be painted for them to look good.  That's easy enough with spray paint.

I have all of the pieces cut.  All I have to do now is stick them on.

I took the labels off.  They just didn't go with the rest of it.

Oh! And I have to draw up a pattern on the drawers to the left.  They are a totally different shape.

Tessie is keeping me company.  She hangs out in whatever drawer has the most interesting contents at the moment...

This is probably not as entertaining as minis, but I am having fun.  I needed a break from Daisy's Cottage.  I was in danger of putting it on a top shelf and starting something else.  I would rather finish it all in one go.

I will probably have most of the drawers done by tomorrow.  Then it's back to Daisy's place.

See you then.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Yes, I was wondering what became of you. My first guess was that you and Walter were off somewhere having a good time for the day.
The drawer fronts are looking good. But no,I am not doing all mine!
But I do have some Contact "paper"
to cover some boxes. I better get to it.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great job with drawers .. We keep in touch

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Great tip. The drawers look awesome!
Big hug,