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Sunday, June 8, 2014

It Could Be Worse!

This morning, I went into town, in search of steamy stuff.  On the way home, I heard that it was going to be windy this afternoon.

I hurried home and spray painted the lamp for the workroom black. I think it is about dry.  I had visions of spray painting it and then having the wind come up and add leaves to it, or feathers.

It came out pretty good.  I am going to have to put the gold banding back on it by hand, with a brush, but that's not hard.  No leaves though.
This is what I meant by "It could be worse!"

The mess that you see is all of the wallpaper that I am getting rid of.  This morning, I went through it and dumped the pieces that were old and brittle on the floor.  When I take those out, we will be back to the dreaded laundry basket...
I did find a couple of things that I needed in town.  New lampshade for the black lamp.  It is covered with very thin slices of cork.

I was running out of paper for the drawers.  Walmart had a different one than the one I got last time....Same feeling to the contents but different.

I think that I have enough to finish the drawers and then some now.  Back to the grindstone. 

First I have to pick up the paper from the floor.  That's all it is...Honest... Yes, the laundry basket is still there... But not for long.

See you tomorrow.


Smaller Places said...

I love your cleaning posts! I am working on a house, around a headache, so that I can finally put away all the supplies that are out BECAUSE of that house, and you are a great inspiration to keep plugging instead of going back to bed.

I've sort of given up on having spray painted projects not be... textural.

Lucille said...

Courage, Casey! The sight of that laundry basket makes my nerves jump! It should make your task easier if you have a place for everything in there but it's when we don't that it gets insane!

Vivian Fox said...

I too am trying to build my house around chaos. It's not easy, but it's because of building the house that I have the chaos.....:)
You have an amazing space...and you are on the home straight..keep at it.
All the best