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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Extreme Lateness...

I am in so much trouble.... I am late.  I do have an excuse though.  I had Wednesday Witches Mini Meeting here today.  Turkey salad, garlic toast and Strawberry cheesecake can cut into mini time.

I am going to try to appease you with some of the museum goodies.

I didn't have anything to do with any of these three rooms. They kind of go with the German Kitchen that I worked on. 

They are from the same area of the world and about the same time period.

This is the card that goes with the above photo.

I find it interesting that the boxes are just about the same size and shape on the first two.  They built this same shape for a long time and furnished them with similar furniture. 
This one is a bit different.  I think that the cupola adds a lot of dimension to the box.  That might be an interesting project for someone.  Use a similar cupola in  new room box. 

Sorry about the line running down the center of the photo.  That's a seam in the window.
The curtains and windows are just about Barbie(1/6th) scale... However, all of the furniture is 1" scale.  Actually the height of the ceiling and windows would be about 12 ft. in real life, which is accurate for the time period.  What is strange, is the scale of the curtains... They are definitely more 1/6 scale.  It lends a strange, surreal effect to the whole scene.

I promise to try to get back on schedule tomorrow. 

See you then.


Lucille said...

Interesting boxes. I love those dolls! Going to that museum would be a lovely experience!

kimberlyncreations said...

Casey, thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos from the mini museum. I really enjoy seeing them. Wish I could go there. You're allowed to be late,you do have a life! Glad you posted though, I was getting worried about you! :)

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I love these European room boxes and I like the mix of scales. I know that it keeps one off balance when you are viewing them but that is what makes them so charming.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
No worries, you are forgiven ;) These pictures are beautiful and very inspiring. I wish we had mini museums here.
Big hug,

12Create said...

I love looking at the Museum photos you post. I especially love that top room and the dolls in it.