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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lke the White Rabbit...

I'm Late!  Sorry.

My closet is now officially clean.  I am well on my way to messing it up whilst cleaning the rest of the workroom...

I still have 14 drawers to cover.  And about half of the labels to finish...
I got the labels from a friend.  Now all I have to do is fill them with information.
OK.  The real reason that I am late is this...

We met April and Amare at the Mini Time Machine this morning.

Sometimes I forget that there are new followers that don't know about the museum.  I used to work for Pat Arnell.  She's the owner and I used to do restoration work for the museum.  It is right here in Tucson.  I came back and added this so that newbies will know what I am talking about. Thanks for the reminder, Dawn.

You can also get some other photos here on the blog by hitting "Mini Time Machine" under labels...That will send you here to previous photos on the blog.

That's Amare crawling around on the floor in the fantasy room.

There is a whole town under thick glass and you can walk, crawl or lie there with your nose pressed to the glass, as Amare is doing.

He is now talking a blue streak and understands a lot more than the first time we took him last year.  Typical boy.  I asked him what he liked best...Trucks!
Since I don't have any Casey minis to show you, I will throw in a couple of minis from the museum.

This is the "Forget-us-not Fairy Castle by Ron and April Gill.

It is probably about as tall as I am if you set it on the floor.

There is a cave at the bottom with an underground river running through it and it also runs all the way around the castle.  I will try to show you more of those in the future.
For today, I will just show you the dragon training room...The guy in the center is the trainer and he continuously turns in a circle with a leash in either hand.  The baby dragons that he is training are hard to get a photo of.  The keep flying all the time.  Poor tired dragon babies.

The guy gives the illusion that he is shifting his weight from foot to foot as he moves around.  Very realistic.

I didn't take any photos of mine, but I have two dolls in this one.  I will get them next time. One is the tooth fairy and another is an elderly spinning fairy.

I feel honored that I am represented in this wonderful castle.

Here is a list of the company I keep...Actually, I have only met a few of them, but it's quite a group.

I am off to do more to the workroom now.  Or maybe a nap... Amare has way too much energy... He never stops moving... A nap sound awfully good right now.

See you tomorrow.


Dawn said...

Yes, young children can leave us breathless and out of energy, for sure :)

This place looks awesome. Would love to see future photos of it. Where is it located?

Amare staring down reminds me of when I was a child and stared into a dressing room mirror that I had laid on the floor. It looked like a whole other world!

Caseymini said...

By the way Dawn, if you go to the labels section of the sidebar, you will find the Mini Time Machine listed. If you poke that, you will be sent to a lot of photos that I have put in, over the years, of the Mini Time Machine.

Caseymini said...

I added information to the body of the blog for those that are interested in the Mini Time Machine Museum. Thanks for the reminder Dawn.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. That is quite a list of
well-known miniature artisans. I also have met a few of them at shows. The Museum looks like a lot of fun to spend a few hours!I would be down there on the floor with my nose up against the glass (and I'm not a youngster)!

Smaller Places said...

Your closet looks amazing! Other closets envy it. My closet envies it!

I agree that the Mini Time Machine is a really excellent museum. I went a couple years ago on a big trip to Tucson and spent hours there.

Lucille said...

Hi Casey! What a magnificent piece of art is that castle! Amare must have enjoyed his visit to such an enchanting place. Thank you so much for sharing this! I look forward to seeing your dolls!

AM Minnaard said...

Hey Casey, what an amazing place. I love the glass floor above the mini city... so Gulliver's travels.
Hug AM