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Friday, May 2, 2014

Moving Right Along...

I have two steps forward today!  Better than two steps back!

I decided that Tessie is right.  We are going to use this rug for the bedroom.

I painted the walls "Bamboo" Ceramcoat.  Much better than bilious green.

Tessie still refuses to give Zar's pillows back.  Still testing.
Mic (the jaguar)and friend are trying their best to set a North African vibe.  Yes, Tessie and Mic both know that he is not from Africa, but he's the closest she could come as far as pets go.  He is actually from just south of Tucson...

 I am not sure what kind of turtle his friend is....Do they have turtles in North Africa? I am sure that they must have some.  Just not sure if they look like this one.

Tessie even changed her apron to get into the mood.

We are now trying out tile for the bathroom too.

This is some store bought dollhouse tile that I am just trying.  It's to see how an over all pattern would look....Very busy.  I think that it will make the room look smaller. The bathroom only goes to the edge of the rug fabric.  You can see where it stops on the back wall.  And that wall will go straight up.

This one is not even tile.  It's a photo of a quilt.  I just wanted to see how a center design would look.  I think that could work, if I slid it towards the front and put the tub on the back wall.

As I said though...Just trial and error for now.

Elizabeth asked if I was going with Moroccan, a couple of days ago... No.  I don't want to limit the stuff I can use in here.  That's why I said North African.  That way I can pick an choose the best from several countries.
I am working on getting the corner of the third pattern right in the corner.  If I get one right the others will be easy. 

So far, so good.

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.


AM said...

Hey Casey, a North African Theme... I LIKE IT! Such amazing countries/cultures to choose from for inspiration, beautiful tiles, colors, textiles. You can go all out with colors. And YES their are turtles in North Africa. A little Maroccan window screen will give you that instant North African feeling you are going for. Have fun looking for inspiration and planning.
Hug AM

12Create said...

I like the way your rug is progressing Casey.

Caseymini said...

Sharee and All, thanks for the encouragement on the rug(s). Maybe with your help, I will finish these two!

Caseymini said...

AM, how did you know about the screen? Where are you hiding?LOL

AM said...

The screen well... uhm Tessie and I have been in touch through Whatsapp LOL ;p