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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Still Plugging Along....

At a snail's pace.  I did decide what I am going to do on the third border.  This design is called "Red Pepper".

The design simply alternates up and down.  Anyway, I am getting it done slowly but surely...
April and Amare were here this morning, so I took time out.  I would rather play with Amare than stitch anyway.  Dump trucks can be fun!

Meanwhile, Tessie is playing mind games with me.

After April and Amare left, I went to continue stitching and there was Tessie. Up to her elbows in half finished rugs and a tile book.

She had a couple of Chinese rugs, a couple more that were Tibetan and the one that you see pictured with her in the above photo.  She is still trying to second guess Daisy about the upstairs décor.

She likes this rug because it is further along than the one that she showed me yesterday.  This is one that I printed on fabric, straight off of the net.

She was also knee deep in tile designs...They are a must if we are going to do the bathroom in the same style as the bedroom.

Did I mention it is only the upstairs that is getting the exotic look?

Anyway, She has not really narrowed down the selection.  It keeps growing and I keep finding that I have started way more rugs than I want to admit to...
I made her close the book, so that you could see what it was.  That's just in case you want to go to the Dover site and order it.  I think that it is still in print.

I have used it before.  The tile under the kitchen stove in Tessie's first cottage was from here and I gave information on how to do it in there. just put "tile" in the search box to find it.

So....As it stands at present....We are back to about square one and a half... out of 100.

I am going back and try to catch up.  The dump trucks were a lot more fun than this!

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

disfrutalo, por que Amare crecera muy rapido , como todos los niños , veo que esa alfombra va con buen ritmo, estoy deseando ver esa alfombra terminada



AM said...

Hi Casey, I luv the rug in the second picture. The colors are amazing. Wishing you a great weekend!
gr. AM

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like those colors for the carpet. Keep in touch