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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cheaters Sometimes Prosper....

I was in my workroom this morning, trying to straighten some of the mess... Not terribly successful.  I got sidetracked.

I found the huge jar of wood for the Russian Cottage and saw these... Pierced wooden fans.

The wheels started turning...Pierced wood?  North African screens and tables... Hmmmm.....

I went and whipped out my pattern for the hexagon tables.
 Then I started playing with the pieces that were already cut.  Almost instant table.

Six of the pieces that you see in the foreground.

A bottle of Alene's Fast Grab glue and a few minutes later... A table. I simply put six of the pieces together  like the pair that you see to the right... Then in turn, I put three of those units together.  I credit the glue with the success of the tables.  With this stuff, you put it on and stick it together and it stays, unless you want to reposition it.  But it dries pretty fast too, so you don't want to mess around too long.

The hard part was, I had to cut out the table top.

There is actually a smaller piece under the top so that it looks like the top steps in on the bottom.

Then I found four of the taller pieces and cut a bit out of the bottom to make it look more like legs.

I glued those together in pairs, just like the hexagon table.  Then the pairs together.  I cut a top out of the same basswood as the table top and again, almost instant plant stand.

I took them to the house and the table is the perfect height for the side of the divan.  I am not sure where the plant stand is going yet, but it definitely will go somewhere in the house. 

Now.... To stain or paint...That is the question.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Those are terrific...that is not cheating, that is just being a genius!
Big hug,

Lené said...

BRAVO - that is beautiful work!!! I'll have to stock up on those fans next time I'm going to the Chinese Mall.

Lucille said...

Beautiful table and plant stand, Casey!

12Create said...

I love using pieces of fan for my miniatures but I have never made a hexagonal table before. It looks great.

mcddiss said...

a veces las mejores cosas salen asi, de improviso, esas dos mesas han quedado genial



Mad For Mod said...

They look great!

Steinworks said...

Casey they look like moroccan tables from Indiana Jones or Tarzan movies. now all you need are some dates and a monkey (*spoiler alert* maybe not a the indiana jones movies the monkey gets it)


Susanna Stone said...

One of my favourite things to work with. Laser cut fans. They come in handy in so many ways. And they are incredibly cheap to buy, often at garage sales.

I even have a plant stand like yours, in 1/2 inch scale.

Claudia said...

One of the things I love about minis, and something I hope to become better at, is looking at something and reimagining it as a mini.

You do that so well!


Caseymini said...

Susanna, where do you get laser cut fans? All of the ones that I have ever seen or used are dye cut. Laser cut would be neat. I like the darkened edges that laser cutting always leaves.

Deni said...

these are great! I have the fans somewhere just never got around to doing anything with them!

Leilani said...

I love these Casey. Thank you so much for your sharing generosity.

Kathi said...

Hi Casey!
I'm back to mini making and just made this table for a project I'm working on. Your blog is always my "go to" place to learn how to do things. :D Not blogging right now, but maybe soon. Hope all is will with you!