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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back to the Future....Again...

OK.  I took off the shingles from yesterday.  I hated the mustard yellow color that they were and after looking at some of the old shingles that I had saved from other houses, these were way too big for my tastes.

I grabbed a couple of bags full of leftovers and went to work.

Here's another fast way of coloring shingles if you have a lot of loose ones.

I opened a can of Golden Pecan Minwax and went to work.

With this method, all you need is a pair of needle nose pliers or tweezers and an almost full can.  You do it one at a time, but it goes faster than any other method I know for single shingles....Say that three times, fast!

One at a time, you dunk them in and then lay them on a paper towel...I use thick Viva.  It doesn't soak through to the counter like some others do.  Or you could put a paper plate under the towel.

Then I take another towel and blot the tops, after I have a good amount dipped.

I transfer those to a paper plate and do it again.  Until I have them all done.

By the time that I have the last of these done, the first ones will be ready to use.

And with a helper to hand you the shingles, it's even faster.  Tessie REALLY wants this house finished!  Actually, so does Zar, but I think he slept in this morning.

Monday the Brimble's Mercantile kit arrived.  Oh!  The excitement!  I finally had to hide it.  The Terrible Two kept doing a happy dance on the box. 

As usual, Tessie thinks it's for her.  And Zar knows it's his.

I am going to have to ask Tessie if she really knows what Steampunk is.  She calls Zar, Steampunk Man when she gets mad at him.  I think she thinks that it's some form of newfangled curse word. An example?  I heard this conversation right after the store arrived.

Tessie: "Now look here, Steampunk Man!  This store is mine and it's going to be a dress shop!"
Zar: "Tessie, that's the nicest thing you have ever called me, but it is still going to be a Steampunk emporium.  Casey said I could."
Tessie: "What does she know?  She probably thinks that Steampunk is some new designer that is producing fabulous fashions."
Zar: "If you behave, I will have Casey make you a new Steampunk outfit.
Tessie: "It has to have feathers and ruffles.  Those are in right now."

And that, my friends is how you get around Tessie.  Just promise her new clothes...

See you tomorrow....Hopefully with a finished roof.


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I am glad that you decided against the yellow colored tiles, although it could have been interesting if it was toned down later. But I like the New tiles 100% and I like the method of how you are staining them too! This should look Great once they are all affixed in place. :))


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: too much work. Many tiles. Keep in touch

mcddiss said...

me parece una buena manera de hacer mucho trabajo en poco tiempo, esas tejas te han quedado muy bien ,que gran decepcion de llevara Tessie cuando vea que no es para ella , estoy deseando ver esa tienda



Lucille said...

I like that colour for the tiles!