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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Try....

With a little help from my friend...  Namely Tessie.

This morning I started the roof.

Everybody knows about drawing the lines for strait shingles.  I won't tell you about that.

I will give you a few hints...Some are "What not to do.".  Like using stain that has been sitting on the back porch for a long time, without testing it first.

For some reason, this stuff is not turning gray.  I have a feeling that there is too much rust in it.  It is just kind of yellow orange with a hint of gray.

I am going ahead and using the shingles as is.  It may still change color some more, but if it doesn't I will just stain them in place.

Of course, Tessie popped in to make sure I was doing it right.  "Are you sure that the shingles on both sides are straight?". 

Then she disappeared.  She was back in a flash, literally, with a ruler...

"Yup.  They're straight.  You may continue now..."

Nice of her to approve.

One nice thing about the roof being on a slant.  You can use a whole shingle to do the ends, by cutting it on the diagonal.  Top half on one side and the bottom on the other.  Less trimming that way.

I trim the shingles with big Fiskar scissors.  If you cut with the grain of the wood, you get a clean cut every time.

Anyway, I am going to be at this for a while.  Back to work.  I hear Tessie calling...She doesn't work well alone.

See you tomorrow.


Emjay McKarney said...

Hi Casey.
I finally finished - I have read your entire blog from the beginning. You sure are dedicated, entries every day for over 6 years! I think it took about 2 months to read it all.
Thank you for such an interesting and informative blog. I really admire your work and I love Tessie, Zar and the gang. I will be reading every day.
I have learned a lot of things I am anxious to try - although my husband was somewhat concerned when I bought a box of tampons. I haven't needed them for about 15 years.
Thanks again, Emjay

Lené said...

The golden shingles look very pretty, IMO. Maybe you could just "dirty" them up a bit if you want to tone it down, but they contrast beautifully with all the gray stonework.

Caseymini said...

Emjay, thanks so much for having the patience to read the whole thing! I am always amazed. When someone does that! I have to do that one of these days. There are broken links here and there and I have to change some of the labels as well. If it took you two months just to read it. It is going to take me twice as long to do what I have to do. Thank you again!

Caseymini said...

Lene, I took the shingles off. They were far from golden. More like mustard! They were also too big. They looked out of scale to me. Back to the drawing board...