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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Genius That is Zar...

This morning I got all of the porch pieces together, glued and weighted down.  Now I need to be patient and let them dry.

They look pretty stable for something that was warped yesterday.

I went to get a cup of coffee and the fun began without me...
When I walked back in the room, I heard Zar and Tessie discussing the rooftop patio situation.

Zar: If Casey would put things where they belong, we could have a staircase leading up to the roof.

Tessie: Don't be ridiculous.  You've been around here long enough to know that nothing is ever where it should be...

Zar: But why would she put one piece of the stair risers where they could be found and hide the other piece?  That's just silly.

He was careful not to say "stupid".  Which it was.

Then he came up with a solution that I thought was pretty cool.  He went running for the scrap drawer, where I keep all of the leftovers from kits.  

Sometimes he surprises me with something I had never thought of, in all of my years of mini-ing.

He came back lugging scrap wood...Or so I thought.  I took a closer look and realized what he had in mind. 

When you punch the pieces out of the wood, there is an outline of what was contained therein.  He had the leftovers from the laser cut staircase that he only had one piece of.  I assumed that he was going to try to make another piece to match....Wrong! Two staircases for the price of one!

He very carefully cut the ends off of the leftovers at the right height and went to work rigging a new set of risers.

The part that doesn't have the stair shape is a bit narrower than the originals.  That can be easily fixed.  He grabbed three boards about the right size for steps and blue taped them to the risers...

It doesn't look like much right now, but come back tomorrow.  Knowing him, he will have a completed staircase.  Well maybe not totally finished.  That could take a day or two.  Especially if he wants it to be stone.

We shall see.  I am going to just let him have at it.  The Terrible Two sat me down and explained that not just everybody gets a transporter bracelet and someone might actually need to get up to the rooftop without one.  That seems logical to me.

Right now, the two of them are arguing loudly about whether the staircase should be approached from the front of the house or the back... 

I think that I shall take the day off and go somewhere, where they aren't.  They are getting louder by the minute.

See you tomorrow.


Daphne said...

:) You probably do need a break from those two, but I wouldn't stay away too long. Heaven knows what they might get up to!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. If you get tired of Zar and Tessie, you can send them to my house. I can put them to work on a number of projects.LOL.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, you will notice that I didn't kick them out. I left instead. As long as they are in the mood to work, I will stay out of their way!

Lucille said...

Gee, maybe you should send Zar over here for a little holiday so that I can put him to work. Something might get done! Who knows?

Caseymini said...

No way, Lucille! Now that I have him, with hammer in hand, he's staying right here!LOL