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Sunday, March 23, 2014

So Much For the Genius....

I went somewhere, where the Terrible Two weren't, yesterday...... Big mistake!

I did peak in a while later... Zar had abandoned his staircase. He was trying out towers...

I was feeling like I was watching an episode of "The Three Bears".

The first tower was too small... I stood behind the door and watched..
I listened in.  The second tower, they decided, was too large.

Tessie, with a hand to her head, whined, "You can't see the rest of the house with that thing in the way! It's tooooo big!!!".
Next, they tried a square one... Zar couldn't find a square one tall enough.  Thus the Christmas box, atop the corn meal cylinder.

Of the three, I think that I like that one the best...But... Who knows what they will end up with.

Right after the photo was snapped, Tessie wandered out of the room...

I heard her voice coming from the family room...
"Nice tree. Pretty tree.  All for me.  All for me.". 

She was crooning to MY new bonsai tree!

Walter went to the street fair down on Fourth Ave., yesterday morning.  He knows what I like.

I have never had a bonsai tree, but always thought that they were very pretty.  I hesitated to buy one because, knowing my record for growing things... It was likely that I would watch it wither away.

This one is a Fukien Tea tree and comes from that region of southern China.  If I succeed in getting it to grow, it will have small white, five petal flowers and after that if I am very lucky, little red cherry like fruit on it. I don't think that they are edible, but one website did say that you could take off the outer red and plant the seed to grow more trees.  I may have a whole forest by next year... Wish me luck.  I am going to need it, what with trying to keep it healthy and trying to keep Tessie from tromping all over the pot. 

I have to go mist the tree now.  From what I can tell from websites and the one book that I have on the subject, this little guy likes humidity, one hour of direct sunlight a day and if I can keep it going, it will need to be re potted every once in a while.... As I said before... Wish me luck!  I'm going to need it!

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I am interested in what
will happen to the stairs vs tower
You are correct about bonsai trees
being difficult to grow.I have tried
numerous times in the past, including
making my own from native trees, but always failed.They take time and patience and have to be closely
watched. Good luck with yours.

12Create said...

I have every faith in your ability to keep the tree alive. If you can blog every day for years on end then I believe you can do (almost) anything you put your mind to!

Steinworks said...

Mr. Baxter (we call him the little prince or D.F.H. depending on what he's done) has a new game..he climbs up on top of tables and knocks everything off...that tree would a be a gonner here.