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Friday, March 21, 2014

Mr. Dremel

 When I first started doing minis, many years ago, I bought a used Dremel Moto-Tool from the wife of one of Walter's friends.  I started calling it Mr. Dremel.  I didn't know it well enough to just call it Dremel... It was kind of scary at first...

The thing is really a jig saw, sanding disk and a place to put in one of those Dremel all purpose tools on a lead cord.  I have never had one of those, so that part went to waste.

I used the saw and sander for many years.  Then I saw the little saw that I have been using in the Micro Mark catalog.  I like it, but it only does so much. 

Once in a while I drag the big one in from the garage and cut heavier stuff like the 1/8" luan  plywood.

This morning I did that.  I had to cut the pieces for the front porch and the second floor.

I am asking myself why I haven't been using this one all along.  I love the fact that you can cut something and immediately run the edges over the disk sander.

I am going to see if I still have the blades for this one. If I do, I am going back to using it more often.  I found that this one is more accurate than the one that I have been using. 

Anyway, enough wandering about.  I got the floor and the arches for the porch cut in no time and am now ready to start rocking the porch.

I still won't put the second story floor in until I finish more of the first floor.  The bay curtains, especially.

It's coming up on the time that I glue the whole thing to the base.  I have to fix the warps in the original kit and that's the only way to do it.  Lots of glue and weights.

Meanwhile, last night, I finished a slightly lopsided basket to keep my magazine basket stuff in check.  It was overrunning the small basket I had it in...These magazine baskets are getting out of hand.  People keep giving me more magazines and I can't just throw them away...Recycling at its best.  There are a lot of magazines in the world.

This one may not be as pretty as some of the others, but it definitely suits the purpose.

I am going back now and do more to the house.  I am itching to start something new...No...I am not going to.  Daisy needs her house.

See you tomorrow.


Susan said...

Your Dremel is like mine that I bought 38 years ago except mine doesn't have the guard thingie. It' was a good investment, expensive at the time but still works like new.

Irnfried said...

I didn't know it well enough to just call it Dremel...