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Friday, February 14, 2014

Rockin' On, With 85,000 Stitches To Go...

OK....I took all of the movie cartons off and now I am starting to replace them with Model Air.

I wonder if Sculpey bought the rights to DAS?  DAS is no longer to be found, but the Model air seems to be the same stuff.  Works like a charm.

As you can see, I do put glue under it to make sure that it sticks to the surface.  Some people don't.  I would rather be safe than sorry.
Since I changed to the clay, I can get even more realistic stone. 

My tools are the ones that you see in front.  An old cut up credit card and a well worn stencil brush.  That's all.  No fancy sculpting tools. 

I can't use the whole package of clay at one time, so I put it in a large, well sealed zip lock bag.  See the wet paper towel next to the package? That's another piece of clay that I chopped off, but haven't used yet.  The wet paper towel helps keep that piece from hardening and also keeps moisture in the bag for the other clay.
Now.  About the 85,000 stitches... I did my usual count.  This one is going to have 85,809 stitches in all.  I did close to nine hundred last night.  Only a little more to go............
Here's my latest magazine basket.  It's a tray that I made for April and Seth for Valentine's Day.  Oh!  I forgot to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!  Happy Valentine's day to you!!!

Anyway, I finished this one yesterday.  I wasn't trying to get fancy with the copper wire.  I just thought that it would last longer with some reinforcement on the handles.  That was the only way I could think of to do it.

I am going to put a tag on it, saying that April and Seth go together like salt and pepper.  Hey!  That's all I could think of on short notice.  They like odd ingredients for cooking.  This is the first time I have ever seen Smoked Sea Salt.  Sounds good to me.

April and Amare are on their way over, so I have to go.

See you tomorrow.


azteclady said...

And a happy V Day to you as well, Casey!

Heidi Kay @ Muslin and Merlot said...

The copper is actually a really nice touch!

Your miniatures are amazing, btw. Good luck with the rug!

Lucille said...

A happy belated Valentine to you, Casey. Hope Walter gave you some delicious bonbons! Your gift to April and her hubby is very nice indeed! Very original basket! Hope you guys had a nice time! Watch your bonbons with the terrible three!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The stonework really does have a realistic quality. Excellent work. As for the stitches, you are in my prayers!
Big hug,