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Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's a Real Stretch...

I went out for supplies this morning.  I got some Polyform Model Air.  It's the same clay that I used on the Clockwork cottage.  I want something more lumpy than the movie trays.

Now for the Bad News!!!  I went to both Joann's and Michael's and both have stopped carrying the Crescent brand illustration board in large sheets.  Both now have another brand, in 1/4 sized sheets that are about two thirds the price that I used to pay for Crescent.  The way I added it up...If you bought 4 sheets of the small at 3.99, it would end up costing almost three times what I paid for one of the large sheets of Crescent about a year ago...  I am going to have to call the art stores in the area and see what they have.

Another three AM idea popped into my head this morning.... Not one that makes things easier.  I thought that Daisy would like a Tibetan rug for the living room...  I have one that is about half done(counting the border) that has no place to live...I got it out.  The width is right.  I started it with the idea of using it in any room that it would fit...

It fits in the living room, but it's too short.

It came from a photo in my favorite book on Tibetan rugs.  Unfortunately, in my infinite wisdom, I though that it would look better if it was shorter than the photo showed...

I will now be making another, longer version.  Actually, the original color of the background will go better in Daisy's house.

I have the pattern graphed.  All I will have to do is stretch it out and put some of the secondary cloud patterns back in.

This should be interesting.  To see if I can do it without graphing a whole new pattern should be pretty easy.

This has always been one of my favorite rugs from Tibet.  Now I have a reason to finish one.  Between Daisy and Tessie nagging at me, I should have it done in no time....Sure I will....Maybe....OK, it will take a while.

I already have the size determined and drawn out.  Now all I have to do is stitch, stitch and stitch some more.

Now you know why I opted for the easy floor.  Nobody is ever going to see most of it anyway.

I guess that I should go get started now. 

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Casey, it's a beautiful rug and I love the pattern and colours in it! It will be gorgeous once it's finished!

12Create said...

That is such a lovely design Casey. I look forward to seeing it completed.

mcddiss said...

esa alfombra es preciosa, estoy deseando verla puesta en esa habitacion



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I'm sorry about the illustration board. How frustrating. I know many people go on and on about Micheals, but I went twice when they opened last year and I thought they were very least here in Montreal!
The rug is gorgeous and already looks like a masterpiece. Have fun with that! It will be worth all the is gorgeous!
Big hug,

Sarah K. said...

I look forward to seeing how the air dry clay turns out! I'd been thinking about trying some.

Caseymini said...

Sarah. The rocks and dragon on the front of buttercup books, in the previous post are air dried clay also.