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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Design Change....or Tessie Tattled!

I received a letter from Daisy this morning...Tessie told on me.  She wrote to Daisy and told her that there were just going to be spots of stonework on the cottage...  I missed one of the pencils, when I hid them after her crenelation idea the other day.  I can't win...

I started doing the smoothing along the edges of the stone work, with spackle. 

As I worked, Tessie read me the letter.  And I quote.

Dear Ones, It has been called to my attention that the cottage will be rather plain.  Tessie sent me the drawings with her ideas.  I LIKE crenelations.  I WANT crenelations on the edges of the bays and tentatively elsewhere as well.  And I want LOTS of stonework!  Maybe all stone.  Get on it!  NOW!  As Ever, Daisy Eulalia.  P.S.  I am now in England, checking out stonework, if you need to get in touch.
 OK.  I went around and looked for pencils...I found the one that I was marking things with.  Evidently, Tessie knew just where to look.

So.....I went back to work and started with the center of the kitchen bay window frame.

Tessie inspected everything I did.  She knows that she has clout with Daisy now and she is going to be unbearable to live with. What is more, Spike is backing her up. I guess he likes crenelations as well.  He can look out over the edge without the fear of falling off.
Anyway, this is how it stands at present.  The crenelations are started. 

Notice the pose that Tessie is striking.  She somehow got her cuff working...I suspect that Daisy told her how to do it. 

That just leaves Zar climbing ladders.  And me making crenelations...

See you tomorrow.


Caseymini said...

Lené has left a new comment on your post "Design Change....or Tessie Tattled!":

Hehehehehe.... for once I agree with Tessie's mischief! I love the crenelations too.

Caseymini said...

I did it again. Stupid iPad. Accidentally deleted Lene's comment. See above.

Lucille said...

Never a dull moment at Casey's Minis! I happen to love crenelations also so I'm glad you're having them. I think it will be so nice when it's all finished. It will have a very unique look! Poor Zar! So often left out but he never gives up.

12Create said...

Looking good. I have to say I was for the crenelations too!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I must admit it does look good. I hope this won't mean you have to rethink all the exterior detail.
Big hug,