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Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Directions....

 The living room wallpaper is out...I couldn't find any fabric that I liked with that shade of blue.  It was sort of dusty and most of the stuff I have just didn't work with it. 

So....I pulled out a lot of fabrics that I thought that Daisy could live with....I don't know about Daisy, but Widget took an immediate liking to them.
I went out to get some more coffee and when I came back, he was almost asleep in the middle.  He seems to like the mini leopard print best....

Well, I should do something....else.
I threatened to do it and I did!  I cut out curves in the corner pieces just now.  It certainly does make a difference in the view.  Before, you couldn't see any of the bump out in the kitchen.  And from certain angles, that corner post in the living room blocked quite a bit of the view. 

The cottage is chattering away at me now.

But so is the workroom....Maybe I should spend a bit of time in there, in self defense. If I don't do something quickly, I will not be able to get in there to get needed supplies. 

Back to the grindstone...

See you tomorrow.


Kamilla Dlugowolska said...

I read your blog everyday and I admire your work and your passion for miniatures. You have so many brilliant ideas. It is a real pleasure to me to read about adventures of your dolls after a hard day. It is my reward :-)By the way, the armchair you have made recently is absolutely fantastic.

Veronique Blommaart said...

I didn't quite understand yesterday what you meant about cutting out curves and such but I knew it would become clear and it did! Daring move but it does make a big difference! Very smart solution. I love following this build, I learn so much!!

Lucille said...

This is so much better! Now we will have a good view of the interior!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I am almost ashamed to admit I never would of thought of cutting the pieces to that shape. It looks just wonderful!
Big hug,

Lené said...

I love the cut outs - they add so much more interest to all the straight lines. I'm quite tempted now to try something radical with the kitchen back wall of my Lily (instead of a square cut out). You are really inspiring me - thank you!

mcddiss said...

veo que mi gato Ron no es el unico al que le encanta dormir sobre cualquier trapo, lo de los materiales revueltos son solo es cosa tuya , es una pesadilla muy comun
veo que la casa va avanzando



Deni said...

aw I love Widget! hes so much like my Miss molly, she likes to get amongst the fabrics! Always helping lol