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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bare Bones....

I am getting there.  One step at a time.

I remembered that I didn't show you how the lowered floors were going to be attached...I did not  want to do more complicated slots.  I simply cut the center wall off where the floor would sit and then ran fancy molding around the living room and plain around the kitchen at the eight inch mark.

The second floor will not be glued in until the papering, painting, flooring and trim are in place.

I don't want to contend with trying to crawl into the rooms to do all the work.

This morning, I decided that the corner walls were blocking the view of the lower rooms.  You will notice that Tessie and Zar are questioning my sanity, once again. 

See the curved lines on the corner walls?  I want to cut  those pieces out to give a better view of the rooms.  I think that will do it and at the same time, add interest to the house.

I dug through my pile of wallpaper and managed to find paper for both the living room and kitchen.

The living room will be some Brodnax paper  #1VT320. I have had just one sheet for a long time...Since the living room has only one long wall and two very short corners, I think that it will work.

I am going vintage with the kitchen, for real.  I got this paper when I was working at a mini shop back in the early 80s...  Yes, you already know that my workroom is a mini hoarder's paradise.

This paper has a copyright date of 1978!  It is Millie August Miniatures, Inc.  And the number on it is #4015 Fiske Stencil- delft blue.

The floor will either be brick, from the file folder at the top of the photo or tile from the one in front.  That is kind of fragile and I am not sure about working with it.  We shall see.

The chair is almost finished.  All that is needed now is cutting the wires, trimming edges and cushions.... If I can get the Terrible two to let go long enough to do it...

Anyway, I have to go back to work now...Maybe I will just work on the house and let Tessie and Zar fight it out.  Spike gave up and went back to the comfort of his Tudor Doghouse...After all, that has a four poster bed.  He doesn't need a chair.

See you tomorrow.


12Create said...

Hopefully Tessie & Zar decide who's chair it is soon so you know what fabric to use for a cushion. Wise Spike, I'd opt for a four poster bed too.

Lucille said...

The chair is exceptional! You're just so amazing to be able to work so quickly, Casey! I like your choice of wallpaper and I think it's a very good idea to cut those walls that are blocking the view.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Your choice of wallpaper for the kitchen is a pattern that I used for a roombox dining room back in the 1980's ( What a trip down memory lane this is)! This paper is beautiful and Perfect for your little cottage kitchen. :))