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Monday, January 27, 2014

Buy Extra Large Eggs Next Time...

Never leave Tessie in charge, when cleaning...
It can't end well.

This morning, I was almost done with the work room when Tessie bounded in.  She asked, "What are you going to do with Amare tomorrow?"

I promised that I would do crafts with him the last time I talked to April... I thought something with egg cartons and painting them... Maybe googly eyes involved...

I got out the only intact egg carton I have.  I usually only save tops.  I saved this especially for him.

Then the fun started... Tessie got involved.

She started with, "I'll bet that you can't make me some furniture with this stuff."

That was all it took.  The six year old jumped in the mix and decided that would be more fun than cleaning...I should be working on Daisy's cottage, but what's an hour out of the whole day?
Tessie came up with the chair idea. She saw one of the pieces that I had cut out to make an owl's face.  And the beak looked like a chair base to her.

I decided to go along with her and see what would happen.

I cut one of the cups in the shape that you see in the first photo.  It reminded me of the tulip chairs from the 60s. I only had to trim the arm to pack piece a bit and roll the arms around a paintbrush.

Then I took her advice and made the bottom out of the center piece that sticks up in the middle of the carton.  I cut that piece down to 1 1/4" and used  a pair of curved cuticle scissors to cut an arch in each side. 

Then I covered both pieces with white felt.  I didn't want a lot of fluffy padding.  As you can see, I cut a couple of Vs out of the front so that they would fit as the seat and the other side went up the side.

I wrapped that around both pieces and trimmed it to about a half inch all around.  I cut Vs in the edges to make them fit.

After the felt, I cut out some T shirt knit to fit the front of the tulip and a long piece to wrap around the base.  I trimmed them to about 1/2" all around and glued them on with white glue, very sparingly.  On the back I wrapped the edges around, glued them and then cut off what pleated here and there.  Most of it stretched to fit.  The last thing for the top was to stretch another piece over the back, glue it in place and trim it around the edges

 I cut one of the bottom pieces that you see on the side into a flat piece to fit the seat of the chair and covered it the same way as the rest.

I did the same with the bottom.  If ever get talked into doing this again, I will put the traditional wire legs or cone legs on the chair.  I am not loving the ones that Tessie came up with.

I am seeing stone birdbaths and garden statue bases coming out of the tall cone pieces...Here we go again.  More stuff to save. I am wondering how much larger the cartons are for extra large eggs.

I am now going to lock Tessie in a closet and then I will put a primer coat on Daisy's cottage.  No more egg carton fun today!

See you tomorrow.


Doortje said...

Wow wat leuk
groetjes doortje

Veronique Blommaart said...

Brilliant idea! Simple yet effective!!

Steinworks said...

what an easy tulip chair, thanks for the tutorial (or should we be thanking Tessie?)

Marisa ;)

Caseymini said...

Don't blame me. It was all Tessie's idea! LOL

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Please tell Tessie her idea was genius! It looks beautiful.
Big hug,

Lucille said...

Who would have thought you could have done that with egg carton! Amazing!

12Create said...

Love the chair top. I could imagine it in a shiny gloss to give it the 70s look.

Monika Bawaj said...

It looks beautiful! I love simple solution. Genious idea! Thanks for sharing :)

mcddiss said...

pues si que te ha quedado un silloncito muy mono, creo que esta vez Tessie ha tenido una buena idea,



Deni said...

Oh they are cute that's for sure
Here you are still making I so wish I had your energy to keep it all going! My get up and go, Got up and went! lol

Kathi said...

I can see you've been quite busy while I've been away!

Love the egg carton chair. You always have such great ideas.

I'm hoping to get my groove back soon. I miss making minis!

Fabiola said...

Thanks for this idea.
Bye, Faby

Bird said...

Okay, that's a seriously brilliant idea. I've been working with egg cartons too for Kettle's house but I am also using plastic ones to make cloches out of for her spring garden. This is adorable.

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Tessie you are amazing!!