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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Needs More Color...

OK.  This was after a coat of Hippo Gray Ceramcoat, this morning.

I did add a little lighter color washes over that, but it evidently  wasn't enough.  I also went in with the Prismacolor pencils that you see with Tessie. 

The test is taking a photo of what I have done. 

I still don't have enough color variation...I will have to go back in and do a little more at a time, until it is right.

It is much easier to keep adding a little at a time than it is to take it off if it's too dark.

Tessie is getting anxious.  She still won't tell me what it is going to be.

Meanwhile, yesterday and the night before, I learned to do this kind of bottom for a basket from a very nice Russian lady on u tube.  I don't understand Russian unless April is in the room.  She can translate.  But the lady was nice and did everything in steps, so I just followed along.

Since this is my first try on this one, I simply finished the edges by putting some white glue where the spokes came out and trimmed them after they dried.
I did the tall basket on the right yesterday while the witches were here.  That one was easy.  I needed something to keep my magazine strips and rods in.  It is working nicely so far, but I need to keep rolling strips.  That takes longer than making the baskets. 

I just noticed, I think that I need to make a lid for that basket peeking out of the back of the night stand...Oops!  So much for taking fancy photos.

I do the rods on a knitting needle and can keep going while watching TV. 

I am wondering if there is any way that I could do that bottom in miniature.  Maybe.....

We shall see....

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Casey, where do you get all those magazines? The baskets are very nice! The floor is looking great!

azteclady said...

Oh I like that...could you link to the youtube video? I would like to learn it too!

Caseymini said...

I learned from this Russian site. I will send you the one for rolling the paper. From that one, simply go to the same source site for the rest of the instructions. There are a lot to choose from. I suggest, if you haven't done any basket weaving before, that you start with a simple round basket and work up to the fancier ones. The site is, It is really fun to do.

Caseymini said...

Keep in mind that I did it with House Beautiful magazines, instead of newspapers. And Lucille, I have a friend with subscriptions that passes them on to me when she is finished with them.

mcddiss said...

ese suelo se ve muy bien , y las cestas han quedado muy bien



Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I think that you are right in thinking to give more variation in the color of the stone floor. I LOVE your stone floor but I think that the camera would pick it up better with a bit more variance in color.
And I also think that you should try that new Russian weave pattern, in miniature. In fact, I thought it WAS a miniature basket when I first looked at it. If anyone can do it in mini, You Can! :D