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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weapons of Choice...

Here's where the crochet hook comes into play.

The one that I am using is a size O.  I am also using a very fine stylus.
I find that a crochet hook is much better for this job than a ball stylus.  It has a slight point to the head, and the other end comes in handy as well...

No harm came to the crochet hook in the making of this floor.

In fact, this is another one out of my collection of vintage needlework tools.  If I have them around, why not put them to good use?

This particular hook is one of two that I have with a gunmetal finish.  I can't seem to find anything out about them. 

Anyway, my other tool is a very fine ball stylus.
With those two tools, I can do a lot of damage to the egg carton slate. 

Holes, cracks and rolled edges to the slate are all done with these two tools.

I use the color that I want the grout to be and wet the edges of the tiles or in some cases, the whole tile if I want to do a bit of damage.

Here you see a tile that cracked and has a chunk out of one edge.  After painting, it will look more real.  This is just the first step.

And where was Tessie while I was doing the whole floor this way?  Helping....with, "Hey!  You missed a spot in the left corner!".  And, "It needs more cracks on the right side.".

This is all I am going to get done today. The floor needs to dry, before I add more paint.

Besides, I have a bunch of witches that will be parking their brooms on my doorstep at 1:00 PM.  Gotta go cook. 

See you tomorrow.


Veronique Blommaart said...

Aaah... got it @ crochet hook :-)

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I LOVE what you are doing with the floor! The crochet hook is a Great Tool for achieving "the Look" and I shall keep this tip in my files for sure! :D


Lucille said...

Casey, I never knew we were supposed to go through the cracks after we glued the egg carton (be it tiles or bricks)! It does make it look better! Tessie found a nice perch! I bet anything you would be lonesome without her! I know I would miss her if she stopped making appearances! Tell our Tessie what I said, it will make her feel important!

mcddiss said...

veo que Tessie sigue igual que siempre ,dando ordenes en lugar de ayudar , ese suelo se ve muy bien

besitos y feliz año nuevo


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Thank you for your great "how to"s. Your talent and skill will come in very helpful when I attack the exterior of the manor. your stonework is always superb.
Big hug,