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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little White House and Little Black Bag...

Tessie got loose, but I just kept painting gesso on all of the outer walls and ignored her. I pretended she wasn't there and that just annoyed her more.

I had fun, even if she didn't

I finished one coat of gesso on the whole outside.

I also cut out the other two columns in the living room.  I am thinking of adding some back to the left side.  I didn't realize that it was narrower than the right side.  It probably won't bother anyone else, but it looks lopsided to me.
Now to the little black bag.... I had one of these, years ago.  I wore it out.  I have been through a lot of different ways to store my tools, but this one suits me best.  As I said, worn out. 

I got the original at Walmart.   I thought that they were no longer available.  They stopped carrying them shortly after I bought the first one.

I walked into the craft department this morning and saw it.... Then I grabbed it and ran.  It was the only one!

I don't know if someone found it hiding in the back of the store somewhere  or they are going to carry them again.  I wasn't taking any chances.  It's MINE!

See the mess on the shelves of this table?  It all fits in that little black bag, plus a bit more. and there are enough compartments to keep everything in it's place.  Well designed.

After about 10 minutes of transferring... I now have my tools back in their old home.  New to me.  Old to them.  The only thing that I didn't put in is the blue traveling tool roll.  It didn't belong with the rest of the tools anyway. 

Now, I can pick up and go at any time.  Tessie even approves.  There is always a place for her to crawl in and ride to wherever I am going.

Can you tell? I am a happy camper.  Now I have to go take away those baskets and use the shelves for the wallpaper and fabric for Daisy Eulalia's Cottage.

A place for everything and everything in it's place....

See you tomorrow.


Veronique Blommaart said...

The bag is fantastic!!!! I want one!
Now the grabbing and running, saying "it's mine" is a very Tessie-ish thing to do...
I'm seeing a 1:1 version of Tessie, apron and all, running through the store....
Now, that would make the front page... :-)

12Create said...

Great bag. Stylish but impressive how much it holds. Beats the old plastic tool box.

Lucille said...

Fantastic bag! Just the thing for you! I would love one! I see that our Tessie and Spike have made themselves at home and Spike seems to be looking at the view from his new spot! How cute!

The grandmommy said...

This just might be something I use to organize this year.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! What a great storage bag and it is no wonder that you had to have it again! Perfect timing!
I love it when that happens. :D

mcddiss said...

me alegro mucho de que hayas conseguido de nuevo ese bolso tan versatil