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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bags and Boxes....

I did this half inch bag years ago and it took a long time...

I had to build a box to go inside the bag, decorate, cut the bag and then finish the interior.

And make the wicker furniture....and the rug.

Next time, I am going for this option if I need something small.  It was the simplest half inch display I have ever done.

I just sat up these two different rooms to see what they would look like. 

First, one with the cast metal furniture from the 80s and some figures from..."Annie".  That tells you, right there, how old they are.  Hey! They were at Pic'n'Save in the early 80s and perfect 1/2" scale.  I bought a few...OK, more than a few.  With a little repainting, they work. Even the dog.

The second option may take a bit more work.  I ripped the cushions off of the plastic Victorian furniture a while ago.  I saved all of the pieces for patterns.

The fireplace in the back came in a bag of thrift shop stuff, also from the 80s.  I put a metal piece across the front and repainted the whole thing at the time.  It needs some touch ups, but still looks pretty good.

I am leaning towards this one, but I will have to finish the overstuffed furniture if I do.

I also need to put a varnish coat or two on the cube itself.  Then it will be finished. 

Then I can change it out on a whim.  Instant half inch display. 

Gotta go reupholster now.

See you tomorrow.


Fabiola said...

Everything is beautiful.
Greetings, Faby

12Create said...

I look forward to seeing what you choose. I love the little scene in the bag with its little wicker chairs. Very cheerful and cosy.

Lucille said...

I haven't thought of Little Annie in years. When I was a girl, I read that comic strip every day. Both concepts for the box are nice!

Simona said...

I remember Little Annie from when I was a child....well done on scene!! Superb!! Have a happy new year!

Deni said...

oh a new camera ! wow thats good!
Those tiny bag boxes Gosh I have enough trouble with the 1/12th! they are so cute!