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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Another Cog in the Wheel...

Zar grabbed the box of cog wheels this morning and went to work.

He whistled a happy tune and used them on everything he could find.

First it was the kitchen sink.  I never have liked the plain legs on the sink, so I was happy to let him fancy it up.

He did the sides and the front of the legs.

Tessie Ooh-ed and Ahh-ed.  she likes anything more, if you add glitz.
 Next, he went to work on the stove.  A fancy ring at the top of the stove pipe and then some burners for the top.

He seems to favor the copper cogs.  I kind of agree with him.

By this time, Tessie's oohs and ahs had turned into a bad case of the "I wants". 
So, after Zar finished putting cog wheels on the end of the bolster pillows and the arms of the couch, he went to work on something for Tessie.

It's amazing how well those two get along the week before Christmas...

She now has the fanciest pogo stick in town.  Cog wheels decorate the front and it's the only one that I know of that has a rear view mirror.

Today accounts for 15 of the cogs....Only 75 left.  At this rate, they may last until Christmas...I have to go warn everyone that this is going to be a cog infested Christmas.

See you tomorrow.

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Lene Pieters said...

"Cog"ratulations on all the pretty steampunking going on!