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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Turning Corners...

OK.  I have all of the limestone on the walls....The walls, however, are not on the building.  See that blue tape?  This is just a trial run.

I have egg cartons running out of my ears right now.    I use the edges of the upper portion of the egg carton to do the edges of the windows.  They curve outwards on the carton....When you turn them over to use the inside, they are perfect corners for edges of windows, etc..

I found another useful part on these particular cartons.
I have a piece temporarily attached to one of the corners.  These weren't on the old cartons.  They are indentations in the lids to separate the eggs.

When you turn the lid over, they become perfect corner stones for this particular building.  If I wanted to use them for a regular corner, I would have to do a bit of extra bending...

I will cut the edges and across the column in places, just like the real thing would be put together... 

I really like the look of them, even at this stage.

I worked all morning.  Now I am waiting for Chinese food to walk in the door(Walter will be carrying it.)

Last night, I turned the heel on the second sock.  I actually got the stripes to match!  A lot of times I just let the stripes fall where they may...

I only have about a third of this one to go.  I have the hard part done.  All straight knitting until the toe.  And that is pretty easy.

Anyway, I hear Chinese food calling...Gotta go.

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The stonework is fantastic! Very well done and the socks are lovely.I hope you enjoyed the Chinese food.
Big hug,

Deni said...

wonderful sox! love them!

the stone work is coming together real fine mmm I wonder if our egg cartons are the same I cant remember them while I was over there at my daughters home