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Friday, November 15, 2013

Killing Time....

First, I started playing with limestone blocks on the outside of the tower.  Then I knitted....Why?

I am using the excuse that I don't have enough lead to finish the windows.  I really don't. Walter is going to get me some tomorrow.

I could do other things, but I am wanting a break from minis, aside from doing six loads of wash.

I do believe that the egg cartons will do just as good at limestone as they do as rocks.  The newer egg cartons from Fry's are a bit smoother on the inside and probably wouldn't make rocks as good as the old rough ones.

I will finish one layer and then put a second layer at the corners to make those thicker.  It should work just fine.

I got bored with that.  Tessie isn't happy about it though.  I didn't start any other parts of the tower.

 I started working some more on a sweater that I am knitting for Amare....Got bored with that.  It is just plain knitting, back in forth.  All one piece.  Very simple knitting...Very boring knitting.
So.  When the six year old gets bored, I give her something to do that will hold her interest for a while.

I have five seasons of "Chuck" on Netflix now...That should keep me entertained while I knit socks.

Christmas Spoiler!!!!

April, if you are reading this, stop now and don't look at the photo to the left!

I found that, after knitting one sock for April, I had enough yarn left over for one for Amare from the same ball.  Actually, I still have enough that I could knit one for Widget too...Yes, I have knitted socks for Widget before, but that was only because he was injured and not supposed to lick his bandages....I doubt that I will do that unless he gets injured again.

I am on April's second sock.  2 1/2 down.  1 1/2 to go. 

I must go tend to my knitting now.

See you tomorrow.


Susanne said...

Hi, I been a bit inactive in miniature blogland for a while. Nice to see that you are still here with same strength in posting about your miniature work, telling us small stories and giving good advice. Thanks :-)

12Create said...

Those socks look so cosy. I like the look of the limestone blocks. Will really suit the design of the project.

Veronique Blommaart said...

Thank you!! "I got bored with that"... I thought it was only me, now I now it's not. I sometimes feel I have the attention span of a 5 year old. :-) Now I see, it's all part of the creative process... :-)

Marijke said...

Nice to see you make bricks of cardboard egg carton.
groetjes van Marijke

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I really like the look of the egg carton blocks that you've done the exterior wall with.
Just over a month ago I actually stopped blogging so that I could finish reading an actual book with real pages. I felt a rush just holding something in my hands again. I think that with everything it helps to get some distance every once in a while so that your mind can take a break. It is refreshing and when you come back, your energies are recharged. Your knitting and your jewelry making appear to be good mini vacations from your minis!


Deni said...

those socks look great!
Those egg cartons are so easy to use and look fantastic when painted
And that flooring is amazing!