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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Finally Photos...Who's Got the Cookies Now?

I tried all morning to upload photos for today's blog...It wasn't happening. I tried everything but kicking the screen.  Nothing worked.  Yes...I tried turning it off and on....At least 5 times...

Google wouldn't let me up load any photos to Picasa or let me load photos from my computer straight to the blog...Just not happening.

Soooooo.....I knitted.  And I knitted and I knitted some more.
The first photo is the socks that I am knitting for April, Seth and Amare.  Amare gets two pair.  The others only get one pair each...Guess who is easier to knit for?

I thought that I would show you what happens when my friend Jane sends All of those flat feet pieces to me to try out....I try them out.  Isn't that what you are supposed to do.  As a person with the attention span of a six year old, I demand my right to try each and every piece she sends.
They will all be finished sooner or later, but I can never decide which to work on unless I try them all out first.  There are nine different starts of socks there and two scarves...Those don't count though.  They aren't flat feet yarn.  I am sure that, if I looked, I could find a few more starts.  I am not going to look.  I would be in more trouble.
Speaking of trouble...I don't know how Tessie got out, but she RETALIATED.  She probably zapped herself right through the glass.  She managed to get the cookie plate back.  She quietly closed the door on Zar's den....Then she used some of Walter's sisal rope to keep it closed.

When I looked in, Zar was trying to get out and Tessie was happily munching cookies. 

None of that high tech stuff for her.  Sisal does the job just fine. 

I am going to untie the rope as soon as Tessie finishes the cookies.  I think that she deserves them.  Besides, right now I am on her good side.  I refilled the plate.

Meanwhile, I am going to go tend to my knitting....So many choices!

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I looked up Flat Feet yarn. I thought it was a novel idea to supply the yarn in flat pieces and they have great color mixes. However, it's too pricey for my level of knitting. If you know of anyone else who wants to supply someone with yarn to try out,
give them my name. I have plans to try socks.

Caseymini said...

Actually Phyllisa, it's not a bad price for GOOD wool sock yarn. When I say trying it out, I don't mean for the company. It was a gift from my friend and I am still thanking her for it. Great yarn!