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Monday, November 25, 2013

Chalk One Up For Zar!

As I went to work on the tower this morning, Tessie was about to shove the key down Zar's throat.  It still doesn't work! 

Tessie was not a happy camper!  She couldn't get in to sleep there and guard the tower.  She didn't stop to think that, if she couldn't get in, nobody else could either.

I was starting to fear that I was going to have to operate on Zar to get the key back.

That's when Zar started snickering....Not smart on his part...
He took Tessie around to the next panel of the wall and started explaining.

"After Casey gets done, this will just look like part of the wall...It's the key."

By this time, there was smoke coming out of Tessie's ears and her face was getting very red.

See the block that sticks out in front of the rest?  That will be blended into the rest of the wall when I am finished...I did help with the wall part.  Don't tell Tessie.

That particular stone has a hinge.

Zar began again, "All you have to do is key in your birth date and stick your thumb on the green spot and the door will unlock."

She tried it and it worked.  I already knew it would.  Zar didn't tell her that he also keyed in two other numbers for me and himself.

Tessie was so relieved that she tried it several times.  Going in and out of the tower each time...
Then she tripped up.  She hesitated.  Zar slammed the door, locking it automatically.

Tessie immediately knew what he had done and tried her darnedest to get out.

Zar seems to have had this planned out carefully. He grabbed the plate of cookies that Tessie sat aside to try the lock.  Watched her bang on the door for about 10 seconds and then ran.

Unfortunately, I will have to try my combination to get her out....I am not looking forward to that.

Walter and I are going to see the new Hunger Games movie this morning....Maybe she will be more reasonable after that..,,

I'm leaving now.

See you tomorrow.


Lisains said...

I am so glad I am not you or Zar. Not sure who is going to be in more trouble - you for leaving her there or him for taking her cookies on top of locking her in lmao

2minimom said...

You gotta love it!

Lené said...

That is an AWESOME solution! I agree, Tessie is going to be all kinds of fuming when she gets out - better bring her some caramel popcorn from the cinema, just in case!

Veronique Blommaart said...

High Tech Tessie... not sure witches match with sophisticated technological gimmicks. She's going to be furious now... Good luck!!

Eliana said...


Miranda Ixie said...

Uh oh. Hell hath no fury like a Tessie caged. Good luck with that! And I hope you enjoyed the movie! I can't wait to go see it!