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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Various and Sundry....

OK.  First of all, I found a temporary home for the new box.  Since it doesn't really go with the rest of the furniture in the bedroom, it may wander around and find another place eventually.  For right now, I am just enjoying it where it is.  It does kind of stand out like a sore thumb though.

I am not even sure that I want to keep it on the legs.  They don't really fit the style of the room. It is detached, so it could go on a table anywhere.  I think that it would be nice raised to a height better for viewing....We shall see.
My friend Jo, went to a gourd show last weekend.  I sent her shopping for me while she was there.  She knows how much I like working with Tennessee Spinners.  They are the perfect size for mini gourd baskets.  There is not much chance of me running out for a while.  Thanks Jo!!!

Tessie has already picked out about seven that she likes....That's at least 14 baskets!
While Tessie was busy playing with the gourds, Spike found his sign and also a container to make his house.

Tessie is not a happy camper.  She thought the sign was gone. She should know by now that Spike has a pretty good sniffer and can outsmart her most of the time. 

He dragged in his fanciest bed in, with his teeth, and plopped it in the center. 

She keeps trying to get him to come out and he keeps standing his ground.  Sooner or later he is going to have to move if he is serious about having me make the box into a doggy domicile. 

I can wait the two of them out.  I am not in a hurry to start any new projects....I look around and see way too many old ones that aren't finished.  Making a list and checking it twice now.

See you tomorrow.


Troy said...

The room box turned out beautiful!

2minimom said...

Go Spike!

e_musings said...


The box reminds me of our tv in the mid 70s and with the terrible two in there, I'm sure it has lots of action!

Fun project! Thanks for taking us along.


My Journey To Celebrating Life said...

It is very interesting to follow your blog. Your work on the box is fabulous. It has to be a lot of fun and exciting to blog every single day and share your stories with us. Thank you so very much.


12Create said...

The fireplace in the new box gives a lovely glow. Spike looks rather comfortable in that bed!

Neomig said...

love your work out of the box!