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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Unfinished...Kind of...

OK.  For all intents and purposes, the chair is finished.

I did the seat this morning.  The base is 1/8" foam core.  I simply put a layer of batting on and wrapped it with the fabric.
You have seen me do these pillows before, so I won't go into a lot of detail.  Two pieces of card stock with a layer of batting and wrapped with fabric.  Then glued back to back.
Tessie is happy with it....I am not going to break her bubble.  A lot of people finish their wicker with bare wire on the legs and arm pieces. 

I can never get my head around this.  They just don't look right to me.  I may still go back and wrap the bare wire.  It bothers me.  Just a personal quirk.

The more expensive Victorian pieces(in real life) were finished by wrapping the legs, arms and even the open areas sometimes...I guess I just have expensive tastes.  They just look better to me that way...

Yup....The decision has just been made.  I can't do anything about the bare wires in the body of the piece, but I can still get to the arms and legs. 

I am off to wrap them now.  If I can just dump Tessie out of the chair.  Wish me luck.

Back to work. See you tomorrow.


Deni said...

The chair looks great!
One question Caseyt! who is going to come along and say the legs and arms are not quite as they are in real life?
I always say that, certainly about my minis as they are not really very good but hey that old saying is
"A blind man on a galloping horse would love to see the mistakes" and I make them big time so maybe that's why I love tudor and now shabby as one can be crooked and messy lol
Seems I have a problem with the iris of my eyes it is a football shape not a round shape nothing they can do about fixing Im guessing crooked is in lol
I dont know how you get the time to make all these wonderful things by the time I get the cleaning, washing, cooking, ironing, gardening and book work all done its time for bed lol

Caseymini said...

Deni, let's not talk about the can of cherry Pepsi that I knocked out of my hand with the fridge door this morning... It exploded. I have been trying to get the kitchen back to normal since 10:00am. I just mopped the floor for the third time.. This is one way to clean out the fridge,countertops, stove, cabinet fronts, walls and floor. However, I don't recommend it!!!

Deni said...

Oh No!!!! I spill my cuppa all the time, knock it flying when Im making those minis! lol yep all over them most times!
OH what a mess that pepsi would make! ARRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

12Create said...

I totally understand what you mean by the wrapping of the wire. I like to finish off things nicely too, even though no-one else may notice. I will know it is done. I love the new chair and the colour.

Marijke said...

What a beautiful chair!
I wish I could make it!
groetjes van Marijke

Caseymini said...

Marijke, if you look under "wicker" in the side bar, there are further instructions as to how to do it in several places. I would love to see what you do.

Cara said...

The chair is gorgeous, as always! Oh no about the Pepsi explosion. I've done that. The clean up isn't fun.

Fabiola said...

The chair ia amazing!
Greetings, Faby

sera xi's said...

Me encanta esa preciosa. besos