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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sidetracked, Once Again....

This was not a day for minis, nor was yesterday....

I finished off the chair by wrapping the arms and legs...I think that it looks better.

Then IT happened.

Thank goodness! I didn't remember to take photos, or you would be looking at the disaster area that was my kitchen...

I went to put a couple of cans of Cherry Pepsi in the fridge and then it happened.  I had two cans of Pepsi in my hands.  I put one in the freezer and was about to put the other in the fridge when the door hit my hand and one dropped to the floor and exploded....As they say, literally!

My advice to anyone contemplating doing this, is DON'T!

I am still cleaning up spots of Cherry Pepsi all over the kitchen!  That little can covered an unbelievable area.  It got the stove, the counter and cabinet front between that and the refrigerator.  It got the interior of the fridge, the exterior of the fridge, all of the wall beside the fridge to a height of about 8' and a width of about six feet...Then the wall stops.  There were even a few spatters on the rug of the family room and on the opposite counter. 

I mopped the floor three different times.  We won't talk about the wall that I took a clean, new mop head to.  Or the 45 minutes to an hour that I sponged other things down....

This morning I went to get some half and half for my coffee from the fridge...The door was kind of stuck...I went and got a can of Clorox wipes and did more wiping down.

Needless to say, when Walter wanted to go to a movie this morning....I went!

I have managed some more on the rug for the craft cottage.  Yes, I am still working on it.  Don't nag!
I have also been working on some kumihimo.  This one is about half done.

Anyway, I am going to go hide someplace and not think about the kitchen anymore.  I will just keep doing it over and over until I don't stick to the floor, counters, doors, walls, stove and refrigerator....I don't even want to hear the word kitchen until it stops sticking to me...This is enough to make me become a teetotaler.  No, that would leave stains...

See you tomorrow...With sponge and towel in hand!


Gail said...

I feel your pain! One of the boys dropped a ketchup bottle on the corner of the bottom, sprayed red stuff EVERYWHERE including the ceiling! Had to repaint to get rid of that!

mcddiss said...

menuda se ha liado con el refresco, espero que pronto dejes de pegarte por toda la cocina
esa silla me encanta



12Create said...

Yep, been there. Unbelievable how far its spreads! You have my sympathy.