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Saturday, October 12, 2013

In The Mood....

If all else fails, there is always wicker and knitting...

Tessie saw me getting the wicker stuff out and announced that I could make her a chair for the pumpkin.  "That way, I won't have to keep zapping my chair from the townhouse back and forth.".

Seems logical to me. So OK. 

I opted for the simplest way to do a chair in a hurry.  I painted all of the wires.  That way I don't have to wrap them all with thread. 

I don't like them done that way as well, but I have the feeling that the chair, along with the pumpkin will be out in the garage after Halloween.  I'm taking the easy way out.

Of course, as soon as I got the camera out, Tessie showed up for photos.

I took one of her when I had just started the first course of weaving...Then she disappeared.

I went on my merry way and finished the weaving on the bottom. 

I no sooner had done four rows on the top and she showed up again...."More photos, please.  I need evidence that I have been working!" 

I didn't mention that she had been out of the room the whole time.
A couple of weeks ago, I started a sweater for Amare. 

I got the pattern off of the Lion Brand Yarn website.  It is cool.  It starts at the bottom and goes up to the armpits and then you add stitches for the sleeves.  I am on about the third row of the sleeves. 

I will knit about four more inches and then leave a hole in the center for a boat neck.  In other words, straight across. 

Then I finish the sleeves and bind off those stitches and continue to the bottom. 

Sew a seam under the arms and down the sides and I am done!  How simple is that?

Here we go again.  Tessie would have you believe that she also knitted what you see here.  That's right.  I just sit around and eat  bonbons and watch Korean Dramas all day, every day.

My goal for the day is to have the wicker chair finished.  Let's see....If I use a whip and a chair, back her into a corner, and threaten her a lot....Maybe she will finish it.  Or, I could do it the easy way and finish it myself.  I think that the second idea will be more fruitful.

See you tomorrow.


Raminhos de Pano said...

Tessie é linda e teimosa. Ela é uma graça. Mando beijos para ela.
Belo projeto mas é muito dificil fazer isso. Parabéns.
Abraço, Fernanda

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Both the sweater and the chair are looking really good! I can see exactly why Tessie would want to take the credit! :D