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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Heat and Light Before Winter Sets In....

Yup.  The six year old is at it again.

This time it is back to the Crooked House.

Nellie is ecstatic.  Tessie? Not so much...

I decided that I wanted the cottage finished.  I put off the foundation and electrical long enough.  I dislike the way the electrical was put in by the builder, so I kept putting it off.  I have to take the chimney off of the house, to get at the wiring.  It is completely closed, but for the hole where the wire comes out.

I decided to work up to the wiring by finishing the foundation first.  I did the stone work months ago.  I just didn't score it or paint it.

This morning I did that part. First I went over all of the cracks with gray paint.  Trying to get it down in between.  If I find that I have missed a spot, I can always hit it with a fine brush or fine tipped pen later, but I would prefer to have it done first. The scoring was done with a Susan Bates, #0 crochet hook and my stylus.  The hook is handy because it is semi pointed at the end and can get into the cracks further than the stylus.  I do that part whilst the cracks are still wet from the paint.

Then with the pallet that you see in the top photo, I did my usual paint job in the stones.  Remember my motto?  Never clean the brush between colors.  It works. 

I do see a couple of spots that I got too dark in the photo and an area that is too all one color.

While I was on a break, Nellie and Tessie took up a spot on the roof of the little bay window.  They couldn't find a ladder and Tessie's zapper was out of juice.  You see, I made her zap the house from the family room to the bedroom so that I could work on it. 

So...They used one of Nellie's saw horses and a joint stool to get up there...

I am going to have to shoo both of them off if I want to get to the electrical part today.

I do think that there is a need for more accessories in the house too.  Hopefully, this will be done shortly.  Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.


Deni said...

That's looking really great!!!
I see your using egg carton I have used that for pathways and use spackfiller or clay for the bricks I like the look you have made there I just may try making bricks next time if I ever get the tudor done that is! I'm trying really hard not to start another project before I finish!!!so hard!

Veronique Blommaart said...

Happy to see you have a "good day for minis" again and that the debacle of the exploded soda is now in the past :-D Nice stones!