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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Organized and Occupied.....

OK.  I won one battle.  I still have possession of the six story CD tower...

I finished organizing this morning...Please note the colored hangers...One color for tee shirts.  One for pants. One for dress shirts.  One for other clothing and the last for summer stuff. 

I have been using this system for a few years now...It sure makes it a lot easier to find what I want in this mess.
There Is only one slight problem...Tessie moved in overnight.  She now insists that she is going to live here until I start Spiderwort Manor....

Notice that I don't seem worried?  Nope.  It will only take a couple of days. 

The light switch is on the outside of the closet by the door.  We are very good about turning it off as we leave.  If we make sure to close the door, she will tire very quickly of the lights going off at the most inopportune moment.

She did put some thought into the idea though. 

She has a living room and a bedroom of sorts.  A pair of my hand knit socks will keep her cozy at night...And pizza on the George III sofa in the daytime...And me to clean up after her.

She told me, "I can have a new bed for eight nights and then you have to hand wash all of them."

Dream on Tessie!  I am not hand washing eight pair of socks every week, just so you can have clean bedding.

On to minis.  I did up a kit for a purse last night.  It is one that we witches are going to make at the Halloween party.  The name on the kit is "Hag Bag".

Tessie liked the bag until I showed her the name....Then she turned up her nose and said, "I am NOT a hag and I will not carry this."  With that, she took it to the Witches Warehouse and told Esmeralda to either sell it or keep it....She didn't care which.

I have to admit that I find it kind of creepy...A loose eye ball floating in a cloud of green stringy stuff?  With Wings?

The party is here on Wednesday...Pot luck.  Things like Bloody Buzzard Wings will be on the menu. Yum!
Last but not least, I did this yesterday afternoon.  Tessie keeps hoping that I will make a basket purse that is large enough for her to travel in. 

Not quite her size, but we are getting close.  I think that she is hoping for something with eight rooms and a bath...

I am going back and cut old tee shirts into yarn strips now.  I must have almost enough to make a rug or at least a place mat...

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Casey, I recall Tessie has a Cottage,
a Teashop and a Townhouse. Why
would she want to live on a small
shelf in your closet?

Caseymini said...

Now she thinks I am hiding something in there and the closet will be a mess with her trying to search it out. Besides, she knows that her presence will annoy both Walter and I.

Lené said...

Hehehehe.... eight rooms and a bath... that sounds just about right for Tessie! Come to think of it, that's how I operate too - more rooms, more containers, more compartments. The hag bag is gorgeous - and it can keep an "eye" on your valuables while you shop. Tessie may want to reconsider hanging on to it!

Marijke said...

LOL is she not a very nice own minded girl?
groetjes van Marijke

mcddiss said...

menuda organizacion de armario, a mi no me dura nada la organizacion, veo que Tessie sigue en su linea , intentando apoderarse de cualquier cosa que ve , jajaja



Veronique Blommaart said...

I am so relieved that Art and Angélique are of a friendlier disposition than Tessie :-), they cause trouble but most of the time it's not on purpose :-)
What a smart idea, those coloured hangers. Requires a lot of discipline though, hanging stuff on the right hanger. Oh well, it always requires discipline to pick up one's clothes.... sigh....