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Monday, October 28, 2013

Countdown to Halloween....

It's commmmmming.....

I am having the Halloween Party here this year, for the Wednesday Witches.  Instead of midnight, we start at high noon on the 30th this year...

So....I have to get ready.  So do the other people in the house.

Tessie offered, as usual, to help with the decorating.  And also as usual, as soon as she found a comfy place to sit, watch and drink pumpkin tea, she did so.

She pulled up a pumpkin and there she stayed.  Oh! And she also pulled up a napkin ring that I found at a thrift shop and plopped a Woodsie circle on top to use as a table.  I was going to paint the napkin rings and circles to match and use them for that very purpose.  She beat me to it.

Zar  put his recliner in the pumpkin that I decorated a couple of weeks ago.  His table is an upturned stone candlestick.  It already had a flat surface.  He plopped a pizza on it and that was the end of his and Spike's help.
Somehow, when I sat the pumpkin on the table, the similarity of Zar's pose and the skeleton in the bowl were quite evident...  Both lazy to the bone....

I didn't have to do anything to the Tudor Caravan.  It has pumpkins and strange creatures living there year round...So of course, Tessie and Zar jumped right in.

I have a lot of life sized decorations all over the place.  Some still need to be put up.
George changed location this year.  He is haunting the Nine Dollar Dollhouse.  I am not sure how he is going to get out.  It took a lot of squeezing to get him in there.

As for Daisy, she just sits and knits now.  No longer the life of the party....In real time, she is almost 40...In witchy time, I think that she is at least as old as Tessie.

She has held up pretty well, considering that I made her from nylon stockings, cotton fabric  and polyester batting.
I did notice that there is decorating going on in the Witch's Warehouse too.  I don't get involved in that and tend to stay far, far away.  I don't want to spend the next two weeks trying to get out of a frog spell  ...Ribbit....Ribbit.....

See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I have to say that your Life Sized Daisy doll is very Lifelike! I thought it was someone dressed up sitting by the doll's house! It's always a Treat to see such a great variety of styles and mini projects done up for a holiday and I have savored the experience of viewing so many of yours! :D


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. You have reminded me that I need to go do my fall/Halloween
decorating in the mini houses. I'm not doing much with the full-size
I like Daisy. I had a scarecrow
figure made like that years ago, but finally got rid of it when my daughter grew up.

mcddiss said...

parece que ya tienes todo controlado para la fiesta , espero que esos dos se comporten , aunque tengo mis dudas



Veronique Blommaart said...

Halloween is not really celebrated in Holland, though the children are copying the tradition from TV. Who wouldn't, it means free candy! Love Daisy, I thought she was one of your Wednesday Witches arriving early :-)

12Create said...

I just love that tree trunk as the base of the witches house and I think the napkin ring with a woodsie makes a terrific table. Have fun for your Halloween witches meeting.

Troy said...

You party and weekly gatherings sound like a lot of fun!