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Friday, October 25, 2013

No Problem....

The piece of paper is not the hearth.  It is to protect the floor while I make a mess.  And I will.

I plastered the fireplace this morning.

Last night, I found the solution to my problem with the frame in Saint-Aubins.   It has been a long time since I read it.  I went back to the part where they set up the frames for work.

It was a "duh" moment.  I had forgotten about their set up.  Of course this would be in a workshop with lots of people working on the same piece of embroidery, but if it works for them...You know how the saying goes.

It worked for Nellie too.  The glue wasn't dry so I cheated and took the photo quickly, so as not to knock the shelf off of the wall.

It seems that all of their frames were mounted with a shelf on the wall and a saw horse.

Problem solved.  I cut down the cross bars on the frame.  It's not likely that Nellie is going to embroider anything that won't fit on this frame.

She was a bit miffed about it though.  I had forgotten how her temper runs hot and cold.  Right now she is haranguing me for a larger house, instead of the smaller frame. 

I think that is just an excuse.  Remember?  I have been through this with Tessie a number of times.

It also dawned on me that she probably wouldn't leave the frame up when she was done for the day.

So now it is arranged so that the frame can sit in the corner by the fireplace on the other side and the sawhorse simply slides back against the shelf.

Now that I have that done, full speed ahead.

I can wire today.

I finished 22 spools of thread yesterday and promptly lost them. Thank goodness, I had not cut them apart yet.

It took a while, but I finally found them in the channel that is at the back of the plastic thread box.  I looked through the box several times and never thought to look "outside the box".

Anyway, Nellie hung up some of her embroidery patterns behind the table in the bedroom....Those old square nails make horrible holes.  I do hope that she doesn't cover the whole wall.

I added a 40 count rug to the bedside and a candlestick to the table....I just glued the candle in and didn't notice until now that it didn't stay where it was supposed to.  Oops.

Nellie is following me around nagging for me to finish.  At one point she grabbed the stick of spools and threatened to beat me around the ankles....I sure am glad that she can't reach any higher. 

The advantages with her is she doesn't know any of Tessie's tricks.  She has to walk, not zap.  No spells.  Just a lot of commotion and yelling.  She is easy enough  to contain.  I can just slam the front door of her house.  Put the big oak table in front of it and station a couple of dogs and a tiger on it to keep her in.  Yup.  Definitely a lot easier to handle than Tessie....

Speaking of Tessie, I haven't seen her all morning....Quiet is not good, where Tessie is concerned...

I had better go see what she is up to now.

See you tomorrow.


Veronique Blommaart said...

Brilliant solution! Also the way the frame fits when stored! Lots of moving around space now.
I had no idea Nellie was so demanding. She looks so sweet. Goes to show that looks can be deceiving.
Good luck with the wiring and with whatever Tessie has been up to :-)

Steinworks said...

great solution! I can't wait to see it all wired up (mostly because Im afraid of electricity, I've been zapped a time or two)


Deni said...

There you go!! light bulb experience! got it right!!!
I just love this little tudor!
Did you make it or is it a kit I love little kits makes it easier to fill up and Im a crazy about tudor! thank goodness Nellie cant zap around!! Yelling and such isnt fun either though! I'm guessing she will be happy when her house is all done!

Caseymini said...

Deni, if I had made it, I wouldn't be having all of these problems! LOL. I bought the crooked house from a friend a while ago. It was made by a man in England. I have been puzzling over the way he built it since I got it. It is a beautiful house, but there are a lot of flaws!

Marijke said...

I read with pleasure your story! Great sulution!
groetjes van Marijke

Deni said...

ooo lotsa flaws I love it a lot more now lol
A bit hard to work around but fun fun fun!!!!
oh its gorgeous!wish I could find one I actually would love to make the gorgeous "Shabby House" Mecedes from Liberty Biperty made its another style I really love!
But I cant begin another one! lol
Im trying to finish what I have!well......yes I am trying lol

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Now that is using your noodle! Your idea has worked out very well and it really opens up the room!
Why would Nellie want to ever want to leave it for another? It is quaint and cozy and once you get the lights up and running then I think that she and Tessie will be vying for its possession!