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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How NOT to Wire Your House!!

I woke up with the idea that the stupid wire coming down from the ceiling could be eliminated altogether. That's when I tried going from the bottom up. I ran a line from the bottom fireplace to the transformer to make sure that light worked...It did. So far, so good.  Please ignore the mess beside the house....It has nothing to do with wiring...
Then I ran a line to the candlestick on the second floor and the fireplace there... Mind you, these are separate lines.  I am not sure where I am going with them, so I cut them long just to be safe.

Those both worked....Still good.  I connected another light to the mix to make sure that it also worked. 

It is not in a candlestick yet, so I just attached it with everything else.

About now, there are a bunch of pro wiring people out there that are about to faint and probably waiting for the crooked house to explode in a puff of smoke.
This is the mess that is my wiring at present.  All of one bunch of wires from each light attached to one side of the transformer and all of the other side of the split wires to the other side....HOW NOT TO WIRE!  I am just testing things out.

By the way, when you are hooking wires to a transformer, make it easy on yourself.  If you hook them left to right around the screws they will be attached and unattached easily.  You want the wire to go in the direction that the screw is turning. 

Before I learned that trick by trial and error, I said a few bad words when trying to attach the wires.  Now it is easy as pie.....How is pie easy?

Anyway, I am well on my way to the finish line.  April and Amare are on their way over, so I won't get anything more done this morning. 

See you tomorrow.


Marijke said...

Thank you for showing how you wire your house, I'm still nervous when I think of the wires and electricity for my house Just today I have order the wire... I hope my DH will help me!
groetjes van Marijke

Caseymini said...

Marijke! Please don't do your house this way! This is not the correct way. I am just doing it this way because the house is already built and I have to work around what's there. There are tutorials here on the net on how to do it the right way. I think that there are a couple on the " Greenleaf Forum" that you could follow. I am sure that there are other ones too. Some dollhouse books tell you how too. Good luck!

Deni said...

well at least your getting the wiring done! I weird out when I even think about it!
I will get hubby to help Im a thinkin" lol

Marijke said...

LOL that why I'll ask my hubby, thank you for the link to the forum I go check it out!
groetjes van Marijke

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Just wanted to congratulate you on figuring out a way to get things up and running with the lighting and your solution has worked and worked well!
I love the way the fire is looking in the fireplace! What is it about a fire that is so welcoming!? It changes evey
thing and makes a space look alive! Just by having a lighted firebox!! Keep going and I know that having Divided the wires, you will now will Conquer! :D