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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brick. Brick. Brick....

OK.  Does this look like mortar to you?  Nope.  Just messy paint.

It is a mixture of mostly white, a little black and a bit of Georgia Clay Ceramcoat.  Just slopped on any old way.

I didn't  want the mortar to look new or all the same.
Next I did the same thing with the bricks.  I took a small flat brush and put on individual bricks.  Some are light and some are darker.  Depending on what color I dipped my brush into.
Step three was putting highlights on the top edge of the bricks...And here and there a little shadow at the bottom.  Again...The brick area is completely flat.  There are just a few little flaws as you can see in the first photo.

I still need to do a bit of work with my Prismacolor pencils.  Then it will be sprayed with a coat of sealer.

After that, I have to do the dreaded electricity....Bah Humbug!

 Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Cara said...

That is an amazing job on the bricks! And I have those plates, too!

Marijke said...

Beautiful bricks and I'm curious how you do your electric wire.
groetjes van Marijke

Deni said...

This is looking good already! oh I cant work out electrics that is my main problem!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! The chimney is really SMOKIN!!!
What a great solution and I love the amount of area that you have chipped away of the plaster for the bricks, it gives it some more weight and helps to balance the plaster! A lot of work Casey, but so worth it! :D