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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Walking Wounded....

Not two seconds after I thought to myself, be careful....I wasn't careful.  I took a small, not serious slice out of my little finger.  It happens to all of us.  We all should know better, but that's just how it is, now and then. 

I have done worse.  We won't go into the time I had super glue on my finger and got it too close to my eye.  I was lucky that time.  The doctor looked at me like I was out of my mind, but apart from that and a little antibiotic, I was OK.

This time, I just put a clear band aid on it and went on my merry way.
We spent the morning watching Amare in his "Movers and Shakers" class at the park. 

When I got home, I checked the fire.  I was not at all sure about it. I glued it all together and it still looked more like ice than fire.  I decided that, before I went any further, I was going to check to see what it looked like with the light behind it.

The top part looks super, but the stuff in front is going to have to have more light.  Keep in mind, this is without paint or sparkles of any kind. 

The top part looks a lot like flames just the way it is.  I am pleased so far.

I glued the braces for the back onto the shelves and desk earlier. 

The first step is to get them stuck to the wall... Wish me luck.... I may need it.  So far.  So good. More fun will be added tomorrow.

I did a couple more art pieces for the wall behind the stairway.  I just have them stuck up there temporarily to see how they look... Not sure.

Anyway, it's 100 degrees outside and of course, the Terrible Two are enjoying a roaring fire.  I, for one, am going to go sit under the air conditioning now.

See you tomorrow.


Lené said...

The fire is starting to look very nice. I wonder if some translucent red and yellow streaks (or even a few dabs of coloured glitter glue) will add more definition to the dancing tips? Hope your finger heals quickly so that you can keep on working; I need my daily fix of inspiration!

Katie said...

Oh Casey! You have to take care of your fingers;) at least your nails look pretty:D

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen many andirons in miniature. Yours look really nice!
I' sorry for your finger...


Veronique Blommaart said...

Blood offerings Casey are required at times. They usually garantee a very succesful result, as in this case. I love the look of the fire already. I see what you mean with the fire in the front but with a little of your magic that flame will soon be roaring with the rest.
I could join the Terrible Two around the fire as it is cold, wet and miserable out here.

chapchap73 said...

Casey, your adhesive fire looks amazing! Sorry about your finger:( I always manage to get my index finger when I cut myself. Just a thought, could you drill through a tiny hole sand insert as grain of wheat bulb to light up the front? Can't wait for more Hugs, Sarah

Deni said...

Oh dear! cutting your little finger I cant count on my hand how many times I have done that! ouch looks so sore! You can still work? well at least you can do that!
I like the fire very much! if its 100 degrees outside, just as well the fire doesn't throw much heat! lol

Neomig said...

Your fire and the rest of the room desigh turned out sooooo great! Sorry about the cut, get well soon! Love the nail varnish!

Isabelle said...

Oh Casey, be careful! I hope your finger heals up very quickly. Artists need all of their fingers in good working order!
The fire is looking good so far.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The fire technique is awesome. It is really coming along fantastic.
Big hug,