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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clearing It Up....

OK.  I just played with fire some more.  All I have to do is wait until it dries clear and then paint it a bit.

(Adding in an extra here.  The stuff that I am using is Dap Kwik Seal, clear. I just got that question on the comments.  It is listed on the front of the tube as Kitchen and bath adhesive and caulk.)

I think that after it gets a little harder, I will try to pull it up some more with a toothpick. 

The one that I had on yesterday looks like they painted it and then put extra fine glitter over it.  I may try that too.  It seems to make it look more real....Kind of like there are sparks flying.

Meanwhile, I did a bit of basket weaving.  Zar wanted a few baskets to put in the scene. 

This is one of the gourds that my friend Jo sent me last year.  She got me some more at the gourd festival just this week.  I am looking forward to getting more.  They are really fun to work with.

She also found out how to get the seeds to germinate and grow... Maybe, just maybe, we will be able to grow some of our own.
I still have my doubts about ownership of the conversation pit. 

I found Tessie sitting on the edge of the coiled basket supply box.  I asked what she thought she was doing...Her reply?  "I am making a basket for MY new room."

I am hoping that she is referring to a yet to be started room.  I kind of doubt it though.  She looked towards the Bloomie's box when she said it.

Now I am going back to check on the fire.  Maybe if I poke it with a stick it will get higher.  We shall see...

See you tomorrow.


Debra Zachrich said...

I check your blog every day to see what you've done new! Very inspiring!

What did you use to make the 'flames'?

Caseymini said...

Debra, I used kwik seal. See the above for an additional note added in.

Elizabeth S said...

This method looks really innovative Casey! I love what you are doing with the fire and I want it to hurry up and Dry! :D


Deni said...

that's a neat idea for the fire!
Im ready to do the water colours only I'm trying to finish off my book box first!

Caseymini said...

Go for it Deni! I want to see the finished paintings, when you do it!

Deni said...

Oh dear I had a little painting moment today but they look silly, still I will really try harder see how I go, I have painted backgrounds for my Dept 56 village scenes but never water colours and so tiny I will have to utube it I think lol